O3spaces Workplace – User friendly Collaborative ECM Solution

O3spaces Workplace is a collaborative ECM Suite that combine Document Management, Collaboration and Business processes into a single modern content platform.


The integration O3Spaces with OpenOffice.org enables it to perform several important jobs without the requirement of leaving Open Office. This performs an equivalent function as MS SharePoint in MS Office.

It’s an java based, J2EE compliant product. As a server based web 2.0 AJAX application, O3Spaces is a flexible and scalable Collaborative ECM Solution. Both on the server- and client-side O3Spaces follow open standards.

O3Spaces provides integration with the browser interface, desktop, OpenOffice.org. All the documents are stored by the team in MS Office format, while all the in formations are stored on a server that provides the central service and in that all the versions are created with the latest information being saved there.

All the latest changes made in the workspace of the respective user are notified to them through this.

Documents can be shared on any type of platform independent on the OS being used be it Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. Shared calendars are provided by the O3spaces help the users in reminding them of their meetings.

Generation of workflow engines helps to route several documents to several users for approval or review.

Only authorized users are allowed to access any document thereby providing a high level of security to the documents. It is possible to integrate the LDAP server with the user management.

O3spaces provides Document Management and leading Collaboration features with many modular solutions that can be re-used over and over again. The incorporation of these solutions into the business context of yours results in better saving of problems and effectively helps in the collaboration of the 3 worlds.

Features of O3spaces

  1. Document Collaboration & provision of Document Management with great user friendliness: The provision of easy usability in-order to bring document collaboration and document management into your organization. Multiple access points are provided by O3Spaces depending on your preference of access that is browser based, direct integration of office suite or no annoying desktop connectivity, in-order to derive the maximum benefits from system that provides document management without in-taking any pains.
  2. E-mail archiving: Workplace documents can be directly sent from your Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook client, Zimbra web-client or x Zarafa. E-mails that are published can be retrieved fully through the explicit use of text search.
  3. Web-client through Web 2.0 AJAX The main graphical user interface is provided by O3Spaces’ that provides a workplace environment that is entirely web-based. The interface that is graphical user is easily accessed using a web browser.
  4. Template Management : It offer unique functionality to manage and distribute the versions of document templates in OpenOffice.org / Oracle Open Office (formerly StarOffice.).
  5. BPM and Workflow : It has integrated BPM engine with which complex workflows and processes can be automated.
  6. Version management & Automated check-in/check-out
  7. Integrated Wiki
  8. Tagging
  9. Support for Attributes and Meta Data
  10. CMIS interoperability
  11. User Synchronization
  12. Support for WebDAV and OpenSearch
  13. Workspace- folder- and file-links
  14. Desktop and Office integration
  15. Application Embedder
  16. Document Preview
  17. Document Security – Access control and Secure Connections
  18. Easy to Server migration and redeployment
  19. Localizations
  20. Rules & Triggers

Thus it is clearly evident that with such outstanding features, the o3Spaces is sure to set a mark in the market.

Download : O3Spaces


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