Notability- Your Personal Notebook for iPhone and iPad

Notability is an easy to use notebook application powered by Ginger Labs where you can add stylish notes, images, web links, media and even record video and audio easily. Just a click on the notebook option and the keyboard appears on the screen. Add your notes and edit them or review them with just a tap on the button. Scroll up and down to see your completed notes like a web page. This user friendly application can be used in your phone, PC or any other compatible devices.


With its smart yet simple User interface, the application is preferred by the apple iPhone or ipad users. The application works best to capture information and ideas. The users can choose the font type, font size, color scheme, etc. while taking a note. Added to that, they can also add media or web clips in their notes.

Apart from capturing audio recordings, video clips and images, the user can also capture handwritings. The library feature of this application helps the user to keep files and folders in sync, and find them easily when they are needed.The user can also create a backup of the notes using iTunes file sharing feature. The notes can also be transferred to the your Desktop where User can edit them easily. User can also add an external keyboard for ease in typing.

Features of Notability

  1. Easy to use application – Notability is an easy to use application with simple interface which helps the user in taking instant notes and adding media.
  2. Customize notebook designs – The user can easily customize notebook designs as well as can apply color scheme, font design, font size, background color, etc. to make the text visually appealing.
  3. Adding Bullets and numbers – While creating a list, the user can add bullets or numbers so that the points can get highlighted.
  4. Easy to edit – The user can transfer the notes in his PC to edit it and also transfer it to the phone after editing.
  5. Add media – The user can add video clips, audio recordings and images to make his/her note more interactive
  6. Capture media – The application helps the user to capture video clips, audio recordings and even handwritings.
  7. Library function – The library helps in keeping the notes organized and in sync so that the users can easily access them when they want.
  8. Upload notes in various formats – The user can easily upload and share notes in different formats to iDisk,WebDAV and Dropbox etc..
  9. Keeping backup of notes using iTunes file share – The user of this application can keep a backup of notes using iTunes file share feature.
  10. Easy keyboard review – The users can easily review their notes using keyboard.
  11. Add-on external keyboard – If the phone’s keyboard is not much helpful, the user can easily add an external keyboard to type.

The application is a boon to keep notes on daily basis and share them easily. The USP of this application is its features and the flexibility which makes Notability an application for the basic users.

Download : Notability


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