Neatcall – Mobile Scheduling made Easy

Neatcall speeds up the pace of communication between two or more people and it thus provides a solution for that.

The different types of communication of the people are not only aided by this but certain other aspects are also taken care of by Neatcall.

Neatcall Mobile Scheduling

Events of communication scheduling, phone calls, conference calls, or from face to face meetings, to web-based collaboration, such as video conferences, web meetings, or chat rooms.

Even sometimes the task of reaching a single individual person becomes a very challenging task.

A setting in which there are multiple invitees also becomes quite complex, taking a very long time for setting up, while the business issues require a pretty fast reaction.

The actual communication – to assemble somewhere or to call someone via a phone call, no special technology is needed.

But other types of communication include – web meeting, conference call, chat rooms or video conference – require very dedicated tools.

All of these are provided by Neatcall under the umbrella of only a single platform, which is not fully integrated but also contains the process of scheduling as well.

This package has been successful in converting the iPhone of yours to an operator as well as an office assistant through the use of Neatcall that is a coordinator of online meetings.

It also enables an effective method of communication with your colleagues.

Features of Neatcall Mobile Scheduling

  1. Scheduling Process :
    • A time slot that provides multiple options is offered to you with the aid of a simple message.
    • Meetings can be scheduled directly from the mobile phone of yours
    • Speeds Mode Reply – This enables the sending of invitations in a much faster way through SMS or email, thus reaching invitees anywhere, anytime. If the scheduling process is done via SMS, then the whole scheduling process in the meeting will take not more than 5 minutes!
    • Responses are collected automatically that includes SMS responses as well, analyze them, and even recommend a time slot that is optimal, according to the level of matching, thus is much effort and time-saving.
    • It provides full synchronization with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.
    • Time zones are handled accurately, so that time slots can be seen accurately the invitees that are pretty relevant for that particular invitee.
    • People are handled effectively and dynamically.
    • Sends reminders (email, SMS, WAP) at the time beginning of events.
    • All the information related to communication (e.g. room and bridge number, web meeting links, video conferencing, and chat) is entrenched in both reminders and invitations so that connections are established with just a single click.
  2. Communication :
    • There is absolutely no need for installing and maintaining this software known as Software as a Service (SaaS).
    • All methods and communication types well within the same platform.
    • Highest quality picture and sound when conferencing.
    • Management is provided easily with the aid of the management console that is one and united.
    • All the types of communication can be seen by you that are needed by you.
    • Encrypted, secure, full privacy.

Thus, Neatcall has been very successful in promoting an effective method of communication with the rest of the world. It is not only fast but also very effective method of communication.

Download: Neatcall Mobile Scheduling Software


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