MuseScore – A WYSIWYG musical notation and composition software

MuseScore is a very cost-effective cross-platform program that is absolutely free that provides free musical notation. Thus, it is basically a cross platform WYSIWYG musical notation software that can be used as the perfect replacement for Sibelius and finale which are nothing but professional programs. This program can be saved with PDF extension or it can be even saved as a MIDI file.

MuseScore musical notation software

Several musical formats are chosen for the purpose of importation as well as exportation of music files Output in the form of audio is also supported in the form of WAV or FLAC files. A MuseScore must possess the following attributes:

  1. A virtual notation sheet is maintained in which notes of WYSIWYG are entered.
  2. There is no limitation enforced on the figure of staves to be used.
  3. Per Staff a maximum of four-voices can be put up.
  4. The speed of note entry is very fast in this technique as notes are entered either through keyboard or mouse. MIDI keyboards are also used for entering notes at a very rapid speed.
  5. The sequencer used in this program is well-integrated.
  6. Importation and exportation of Music files are possible from any source here.
  7. Windows and Mac are always available for this technique.
  8. This is gaining popularity as it is translated in more than 30 languages
  9. GNU Licensed

Features of MuseScore

  1. Multilingual – The usability of this program has increased vastly due to its effective translation in most of the languages such as English (American and British), French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Galician, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Hindi, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian Bokmål, Ukrainian, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Arabic, Polish, Romanian, Simplified Chinese, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Thai, Catalan, Czech, Slovenian and
    several other languages.
  2. Easy to add any number of verses as well as lyrics.
  3. Embedded Pictures – Pictures can be added with your musical files so that it gives a much more realistic appearance.
  4. Head is a auto positioned in chords – The starting as well as the ending position of chords is easily determined.
  5. Figure of staff lines obtainable – 1 through 9
  6. Lyrics, unlimited number of verses
  7. Drum notation
  8. Cross staff beams
  9. Customizable text styles
  10. Notes or Scattered notes
  11. QtScript Plugin advantage
  12. Support MIDI file arrangement
  13. music XML import and export
  14. easy to export into PDF formats
  15. easy to export into PNG or SVG picture formats
  16. easy to export into WAV or FLAC or OGG audio layouts
  17. Play back Mixer
  18. Sound – 128 sounds (as of 0.9.6) plus support for additional Sound Fonts.
  19. Expressive playback – Only staccatos, tenutos, and arpeggios are interpreted
  20. Playback Position Marking – Moving cursor and auto scrolling (as of version 0.9.4)

MuseScore is in great demand now-a-days due to its multi-linguistic features. The exportation as importation facilities provided by this program marks its difference from all other programs of the same type.

Download : MuseScore music notation software


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