Monkey on Your Back to-do task reminder application

Monkey on your Back is an amazing to do reminder application. The most amazing feature of Monkey on Your Back is that it does not serve as to do list for you but rather you can use to remind some other people about some pending work. In case some of your work is pending for a long time you can send the monkey over to inquire about your pending work and make necessary arrangements.

Monkey on Your Back todo list and reminder

Monkey on your back functions as to do application to remind everyone what they have not done. You can create a different monkey for various tasks and send them to the desired person. The monkey keeps on reminding the person through constant emails about the deadlines. Once the deadline expires you will receive an alert.

This helps you keep a track of the tasks and is therefore very suited to organize your business. In order to send the monkey you just need to give the monkey the name of the recipient, the description of the job and the deadline for the job. Then you can relax while the Monkey keeps on sending the other person continuous E Mails reminding him of the job till the deadline expires.

You can keep a tab on all your monkeys and thereby stay updated about the various unfinished tasks that have been delegated to someone. You also have the option of deleting the monkey once the task has been accomplished. You can edit and review every monkey’s history according to their performance.

Features of Money on Your Back

  1. Simple Usage – You can create monkeys with utmost ease and all you need to give the monkey are few relevant information. Creating new monkeys does not require complex technical constructs and you will be able to do it even as a layman.
  2. Timely Delivery – This product ensures timely delivery and therefore keeps on sending regular E Mails till deadlines. Therefore, you can keep a track of the project status till deadline and once it expires, you can take evasive measures.
  3. Review Your Tasks -You have the option of reviewing your tasks on a regular basis. You can catch hold of any task that is not being done properly. Once a task is accomplished you can remove the monkey associated with the task.
  4. Total Control – Monkey on your back enables you to have total and complete control over your projects. You can easily track every monkey’s progress and thereby understand the status of your project. All you need to do is update your project on a regular basis.

Once you allocate the task to a monkey you can sit back and relax in your chair while the monkey keeps on sending E Mails to get the work done. In today’s world where there is a premium for deadline and one loss of deadline can cost you millions monkey on your back is a relieving software. After you assign the job to a monkey you do not need to worry any further about the completion of the job.

Download : Monkey On Your Back


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