Moneydance for Mac – personal finance manager for Mac

Moneydance is a personal finance manager that can be easily used and is also fit for personal usage.

This is really very essential for each and every field of organization of your finances, managing your budget or tracking your portfolio or mere balancing of the checkbook of yours account automatically. Thus, Moneydance is always there to provide you with the solutions.

Moneydance personal finance manager

The User interface of Moneydance is pretty simple and with its help you can easily track all your finances and can also use the advanced features that include bill payment and online banking, reporting and graphing, portfolio tracking and transaction reminders.

It has several extensions that certainly add many more functionalities to this software including debt payoff calculators, stock price updaters and many more.

MoneyDance works pretty well with all major operating systems that included Mac, Windows, and Linux. Finally, the website of Moneydance has a very large community of users who are pretty active and support you when get any problem..

In this website there is always a significant contribution of Kind employees and by this they always send blogs that effectively keep all the users updated on the latest financial news and development.

Features of MoneyDance – Personal Finance Manager for Mac

  1. Ease of Use: A pretty simple Homepage is displayed by Moneydance that is one of the sources of its great strength. The buttons as well as bars used for navigation can easily take to any section, so that you can access the main content of it. All your accounts are pretty neatly displayed as well as they are also summarized. All of them are provided with a very neat and tidy calendar.
  2. Manage your Budget : user can set and manage their budget. so MoneyDance can easily compare your actual income and expense and give you proper information about your budget. it show you the report about what you planned and where your account are over or under budget.
  3. Bills Payments & Online Banking: The feature of Bills Payments & Online Banking is provided by this finance software that effectively synchronizing your records with transactions downloaded from your bank without even bearing the burden of data entry. Moneydance provide support for each and every financial institution that support OFX standards.
  4. Reporting: It generates variety of reports and graphs that showing detailed information about your accounts. it included Budget, Missing Checks, Net Worth, Account Balances, Cash Flow, Transactions, Cost Basis, Income vs. Expenses, and VAT/GST graph and reports.
  5. Easy to import your data from Quicken or MS Money or any other program that use QIF format for data export.
  6. Stay on schedule : it easy to schedule your future or recurring transactions such as bills, loan payments, paychecks, etc..
  7. multilingual support
  8. Cross platform compatibility
  9. Standards based reliability : it uses industry standard technologies such as OFX, QIF, SSL/TLS, Java, and XML to ensure compatibility with other software and services.   
  10. Moneydance works with a great speed: With the aid of this software you can easily send emails and receive an instant report at an incredible fast speed. With the help of blogs all the users are always kept informed which is certainly a great feature from the perspective of the finance software company. The application help provided by this software needs to be improved a lot so that it becomes absolutely flawless.

Thus, MoneyDance is really a great personal finance software that helps you in each and every field and it always help you in any situation.

Download : Moneydance for Mac


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