– online personal finance software is a online accounting software that manage all your financial accounts into one central place.

It’s an superb combination of simple and streamlined tools for money management and the user interface is also very uncomplicated. Through the use of this software financial information’s as well as reports can be made and found easily. - online personal finance software

Though there are certain features that are not included on such as the running account or features of account reconciliation that makes it unusable for some people, but the tools provided by it is quite awesome for personal financing which is ideal for many people.

it also offer SMS or email feature for any sort of account activity that is unusual, when an account does not have sufficient balance or in case a bill is owed. A high level of security to data is provided by for account aggregation.

User can also easily customize their financial reports and all the information are provided either in the form of bar graphs or pie charts that certainly make it easy to read for the users. Income as well as spending categories can be created easily by this software.

Several downloaded transactions are automatically handled by with great ease. Through the use of this you can easily find resources that are of great help.

If any update is taking place then you will certainly get to know it through the alerts generated by this software.

Features of – online personal finance software

  1. Flexible Budget Tool – You can prepare a budget for any number of categories as per your liking. You can create a by just clicking on the "create a budget" that will allow you to choose a category and for that you can select a specified amount of budget for each and every month, once, or in each and every 2-12 months. The page of the Budgets displays the budgeted income, spending goals and spending with the amount of money that is being left over.
  2. Financial Goals – The page of Goals is used for creating or setting up both short-term as well as long-term savings goals. These include reducing debt or the establishments of emergency funds. The Goals are added to any of your accounts that help in tracking. But the only restriction is that you can have at the most one savings goals for a single account. This tells that you cannot have multiple goals saved for only savings account or money market account.
  3. Personal Finance Reports – The trends page contains a wide range of customizable yet simple reports. You can easily see your spending for the current month as well as the past months by merely clicking on the tool that is displayed at the top of the every page. The various variables that you can select are the last month, last year and all time, with several filters. This certainly helps you to compare your spending since the current month with the last month.
  4. Safe and Secure – uses the same 128-bit encryption and physical security that many banks use. Our practices are monitored and verified by TRUSTe, VeriSign and Hackersafe, and supported by RSA Security.
  5. Mobile App for – Manage your personal finances in real time and on-the-go with our free mobile app for iPhone and Android. Check your accounts, track budgets, and edit info right in the apps.

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