MindNode – The Best Mind Mapping Software for Mac

MindNode is a mind mapping software that is not only easy-to-use but also elegant and also easy to used in the Macintosh. It provides a very intuitive and simple user interface that enables you to focus on developing and expressing ideas.

MindNode mind mapping software

The interface is learnt within a very short span of time. It is a commercial version that is developed on some codebase. Several features are added to the MindNode that helps you to improve your skill and productivity.

It is fully functional and easy-to-use mind mapping application and has been built for both iPad and iPhone. You can express your ideas and thoughts very easily using this brainstorming tool.

MindNode effective uses all of the available space very effectively and also works efficiently with iPhone’s 3.5″ screen.

Through MindNode it is permitted to create custom lines of your own by changing the direction and length. The “+” icon enables the creation of new branches automatically by holding the drag and drop icon.

Mind map never limit your ideas and thoughts. You are permitted to have any number of sub-branches as per your desire and liking. You can also add as many single main nodes as you want as per need.

Color-coding is the default condition of branches, along-with the provision of option to customize your desired custom colors at the creation time for each and every branch.

The text is placed on the top of the branches that provide a very effective way which is simple as yet. Mind maps can be viewed from the list format, with the aid of a present search.

Features of MindNode

  1. Resize nodes and width Constrain node. The node width can be automatically constrained as well as the resizing of the nodes is directly possible through the use of MindNode 1.5.
  2. Node Well – Node wells are the source from where the new nodes can be created by simply dragging the nodes from them. Application menu or any other toolbar is not required for using this.
  3. Manifold Mind Maps – Brainstorming sessions ideally uses the MindNode tool as it enables the creation of manifold mind maps within one underlying canvas.
  4. No lock-in of any file format. Large types of file formats are supported by MindNode. It is permitted you to export as well as import OPML and Free Mind files or providing the facility exporting the mind map as TIFF image, PNG image, , RTF, HTML document or PDF.
  5. Mind Maps are visually appealing. The value that is provided as default is most suitable for maximum purposes. A visually appealing mind map is created within a very short span of time.
  6. Full Support is provided by Keyboard. All the work done here can be done with the aid of a keyboard although the strength of MindNode lies in its use of a mouse.
  7. Developed for Leopard – MindNode uses the iChat Theater, Spotlight and also the Quicklook.
  8. Expanding Canvas – The page size does not restrict the mind map. The resizing of the canvas is done automatically so that the mind map fits into it perfectly.

You can easily guess about the effectiveness of the application with such outstanding features.

Download : MindNode


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