MightyMeeting – Mobile presentation made simple

In your daily work schedule you may often face certain problem at the time of which you need to be at some other place but at the same point of time a client of yours awaits for an important presentation from your part.


MightyMeeting is the tool that is designed to serve you in these sorts of requirements. This cloud based app will let you upload your important presentation and will allow you to share it up with your associates.

MightyMeeting is associated with the cloud server where you can upload presentation and facilitate sharing with others. You can share your significant presentations via your cell phone or your tablet having internet facilities.

A 3G connection would speed up your sharing process. MightyMeeting can be utilized in different platforms. It can be used in android, iPad, iPhone and even from the web.

The only thing which is required to initiate the sharing process is a valid email id, even a laptop is not required.

Features of MightyMeeting – Mobile presentation made simple

  1. Uploading – From the main profile user can upload, view or share any of their significant presentations with your contacts. The process of uploading presentations in MightyMeeting is also very simple. First you need to select your .PPT or PDF file which you need to share. Then you can access your main profile and upload the selected presentation or even you can mail the file into a specific email id as provided the MightyMeeting which will be uploading the file automatically in the cloud server. Thereafter you can share it as per your requirement.
  2. Sharing – The process of sharing presentations in MightMeeting is also hassle free. You will have the option of sharing the presentation via email or invite your contacts to an online meeting or even publicize your presentations. Another feature which MightyMeeting provides is that you can embed your presentation into any website. Your contacts wouldn’t need to have the app or the account to view your presentation. They can access the presentation by just clicking on the link that is provided in the email.
  3. Meetings – The platform where you can show your presentation in the MightyMeeting is also very well developed. You will get to see you are present to attend your meeting in thumbnails and to refresh the connection in any case of network disruptions, a refresh function button is also given. it also have chat box that allow you to chat with your contacts while you give the presentation. One exciting feature that most of the other apps don’t have is that it provides effective voice communication tool and that too at no cost.
  4. Slide Rendition – The graphical rendition provided by MightyMeeting is also very advanced. It makes sure that you contacts receive your presentations in the best graphics.
  5. Unlimited meeting anytime at any place.

With such an array of effective features the MightyMeeting tool would surely be providing effectual services to its users.

Download : MightyMeeting


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