Mango Task – online task management for dynamic businesses

Mango Task is task management software that goes a long way to help you organize your business.  MangoSpring promotes more efficient working flow and a better management with its online task management. Ones business can benefit as with mangoSpring  task management your team members or colleagues can track, collect information, and contribute to get his/her task done.  MangoSpring keeps very one together on the same page.

Mango Task

MangoSpring is powered by Google. This enables you to log into any of the MangoSpring Apps with your Google Applications login identification and you don’t have to memorize another username and password.  With mangoSpring project and task management work is made easy. One can very quickly create a task from the dashboard. You are able to create a task either for yourself or your colleague in a matter of second.

Features of Mango Task

  1. Drag and Drop interface – Mango Task has features like drag and drop interface to prioritize your task.
  2. Task pool concept – It offers the concept of task pool inclusive of the ability to assign and accept task.
  3. Commenting feature – It helps to collaborate on the task with the help of the comments.
  4. Creates Milestones and tracks them – The software helps to create milesstones and track milesstones progress.
  5. Easy to follow and update tasks – One can easily follow and update the task all the way till the completion of the task.
  6. Organizing internal staff meeting online – One can get rid of the frequent internal staff meetings by organizing it through this tool.
  7. Easy to Update Posts – It keeps the team well informed and posts updates and gives access to real time activities of the status.
  8. Auto Archived private instant messaging – A click of a button helps you to private instant messaging or group chat that is auto archived.
  9. Instant access to the Task – The user can easily get an instant access of his or her task from anywhere and can update or check your status from mobile, web or desktop appliances.
  10. Promotes accountability and transparency – This helps in the transparency and accountability among the colleagues by providing the data of the person who is responsible for any update or change
  11. Does not hamper other applications of the system – It effortlessly and silently works without hampering other applications in the desktop or laptop of the user.

This application is available on desktop, web, mobile, iPhone and on the latest android technology. This tool also supports real time push messages. There are some extra features and capabilities added to the specific platform, which is offered in MangoSpring Applications.

A thirty days trial offer is available and you can also have a video tour before you settle to buy this product. There are plans to suit every need. Low cost value is kept in consideration. However, even adding more features will not pinch your pocket more.  Its very easy to get started with your mango applications. Select the plan that suits you pocket and your requirement.

Create an account for the payment and start using your mango applications. The application is very efficient and way ahead of its immediate competitor It is user friendly and has absolutely no hassles. Its uniqueness lies in its efficiency. Here is a product that can change the way of your life instantly.

Download : MangoTasks


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