– free task management in the cloud is a superb tool for efficient task management. It comes free of cost. It has handy features and is a quick tool. It does not require you to read huge tutorials to start using it.

This software is cloud-based in nature and also allows you to collaborate with your team members. It makes the process of distributing work among members of a team a simple job.

It also allows you remain updated about the progress made by them. The simple features of this software add to its uniqueness and set it apart from other complicated software available in the market.

Manage with us task management allows you to create to do list with just a click of the mouse. You can invite other users to collaborate with you over your to-do lists. These lists can be edited by other users as well.

The changes can be viewed by all members of your team in real time. Thus you do not miss on any new notifications or events. You do not need to go through the long registration processed to start using this software. It keeps every member of the team updated with the latest developments about a project.

You can simply avail the free features or subscribe for more specific features for which you will have to pay a nominal amount. There are 2 paid plans one for professionals and the other for organizations.

The paid plans offer a very high level of security for storing your data. They also have a active dashboard to give you a quick view about the current status of the project.

Notes, documents or links can be attached to tasks in these 2 plans. The Enterprise plan for organizations also has some special features such as reminders as email notifications, create customized sub domains, branding with colors and custom logos and set priority and status.

Features of Manage

The unique features of are-

  1. This software does no require signing up. With just a click of the mouse you can create specialized to-do lists. Before using this software you can take a quick view of the read only demo of tasks in the official website of
  2. You can take real time updates from your team members. This software allows you to make conference calls easily. All updates are made available to you immediately. This way you are made aware of every single change occurring in your list.
  3. You can create exclusive URLs for effective sharing of information. Each list has an URL which can be edited as desired and also a read only URL which can be accessed instantly by users. provides a simple task management option. It does not have complex features like other software. It’s simple and handy features save your time and reduce your workload. It is suitable for individual professionals as well as large organizations. It guarantees a perfect solution for effective task management.

Download : – task management in the cloud


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