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Mactracker is an software that give you detailed information about entire database of every Apple Macintosh products. Mactracker is what you call a one stop destination for all the Mac users to sort out any information related to processor speed, memory, optical drives, graphic cards etc.. which you require. It has a database containing the information of all the Apple products which has been developed till date.


Mactracker not only holds information of all the Apple computers but also holds all of the detailed information of the other products as well. It includes information about the optical drives, memory, speed of the processor, different versions of Mac OS, graphic slots and graphic cards.

Not only that, it also bears information regarding the different peripherals and other modern gizmos that Apple manufactures. It includes Apple digital cameras, the different varieties of iPod’s, scanners, printers, display units, keyboards, Apple TV, iPAD, Base stations and many more.

Features of Mactracker

  1. Intelligently Categorized which provides easy and smooth searching – Mactracker has elegantly sub-divided its product categories which would help you to search out you products more easily. You will no longer have to search your product from a long list. You can easily search and select your product from the categories like the color label on the product or the date of its introduction. It also provides a smart iTunes style search option which allows you to select your model much easily also at a faster speed.
  2. Select and Compare – Mactracker provides you with the facility of choosing four different models and compare all their technical specifications in a highlighted pattern. This would help you to take any buying decisions when you have confusion among products providing the same services.
  3. Latest updated price lists – Mactracker also keeps you updated with the latest price list of the different Apple products. Not only that, it even furnish the country wise prices too. So now you won’t have to convert the amount into your own currency as you will be getting the completely list in your own country currency. Be it the Swiss francs, Japanese Yen or the Norwegian krone, you will have the prices as per that only.
  4. Real time performance ratings – Apart from the detailed specification lists, Mactracker also provides you real time performance ratings of the various Apple products. The ratings are given by well reputed Primate Labs Geekbench2. Mactracker there after publishes the average ratings of the different Apple gizmos and gadgets which would help you to select your product.
  5. Fields to assign personal notes of yours – Along with all the info that is provided in the website, a field for inserting your comments are also provided. In this field you can insert your own reviews, links to other files or folders or any other information’s related to your Apple model. You can also add details about your own device like the warranty issues, serial number etc..

Mactracker is what you call the prime freeware application for Macintosh users. It is recommended that if you have any queries related to your Apple products, visit this website.

Download : Mactracker


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