5 Useful MacBook Accessories You Must Try

Useful MacBook Accessories

If you just picked up a new MacBook Pro, here are my must-have accessories.

5 Useful MacBook Accessories You Must Try

iGlaze Cover for MacBook

Moshi’s iGlaze cover for MacBook Pro 13 Retina is thin, light, and extremely durable.

It is specially designed for owners who prefer minimalist protection; Moshi’s iGlaze Pro 13 R perfectly complements and protects your MacBook Pro 13 with Retina display.

The precision-tooled hardshell case is thin, lightweight, and extremely durable that’s why it’s an ideal accessory for Macbooks.

It also has a unique micro-clip design for easy installation and removal.

1. Ultra-slim, lightweight, and durable protection for your Retina MacBook Pro 13.
2. Micro-clip design for easy installation and removal.
3. The specialized coating for enhanced scratch protection.
4. Raised rubber feet and an unobstructed vent for better heat dissipation.
5. Full access to all ports and the MagSafe connector.

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Kickflip by Bluelounge

Taking laptops to the next level, Kickflip is a stand that elevates your laptop at an ergonomic angle.

Kickflip is on a hinge and stays affixed to the bottom of your laptop using a high-tech yet removable and repositionable adhesive.

Adhere to Kickflip and flip the stand out to work from an elevated position.

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TarDisk Pear – Hybrid MacBook Storage Accessory

TarDisk is the only product available that expands your existing MacBook drive into one unified volume, running at the same speed as your original SSD.

Stated your Macintosh HD doubles in size. Your files stay protected inside TarDisk’s UniBody aluminum enclosure, and it will set up the rest and storage increases.

Insert TarDisk into your MacBook to expand your hard drive with up to 256 GB of integrated storage.

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The Magic Bar – Wireless Charger

The Magic Bar from Mobee Technology is the world’s first inductive charger for the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard & Magic Trackpad.

A Magical solution to recharge your input devices that takes only 1 minute to set up!

The Magic Bar is a greener way to use your Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

The Magic Bar is cost-effective after one year of home usage or six months of office usage. It’s made of aluminum and is recyclable.

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Satechi Type-C HDD/SSD Enclosure

Store your documents and media in style with the Satechi Type-C HDD/SSD Enclosure.

Complete with USB 3.1 Type-C access, this device offers super-fast transfer speeds.

You can expect rates up to 10Gbps for faster access than ever. Use your HDD or SSD in style with the Satechi Type-C Aluminum Enclosure!

With transfer speeds up to 10Gbps thanks to USB 3.1 Type-C, access your data faster than ever before.

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