Lumoflow – The Best social collaboration software for Enterprises

Lumoflow is a Cloud based social collaboration software for enterprises that provides collective workspaces to improve the Social collaboration within enterprises, cooperative ventures and circulated teams.

Lumoflow - Cloud based social collaboration platform for enterprises

With Lumoflow you can manage assignments, share documents, Brainstorm ideas and conduct planning sessions related to your projects.

it creates online social workspaces and procedures to be in complete sync with your business objectives. Lumoflow has been designed to support mid sized or large scale business organizations.

This simple and user friendly Cloud based social collaboration software is most useful in managing and organizing extemporized collaboration i.e. cross-organizational ventures, skill supervision, and business expansion or advance management.

Lumoflow is frequently used as an added support to your present production settings. For this substituting your existent project administration structure is not mandatory.

The Cloud based social collaboration software is generally used by several kinds of groups from highly networked business managers, who need instant communication, agile task tracking and clear overviews to simple executives, whom have better things to do than filtering their email inbox.

Lumoflow is the right choice for you if you deal with people from different parts of the globe for business purposes.

Lumoflow online workspaces can be accessed through any of the current usable web browsers that include IE 7 and above versions, Firefox2 and Safari on Mac2 and above versions.

Features of Lumoflow :

Lumoflow has a wide range of exciting features that take your business to a higher level. These include:

  1. Lumoflow online workspaces are supported by illustrative and spontaneous tools that encourage people into sharing information and direct tasks more efficiently.
  2. Being a Cloud based social collaboration software Lumoflow allows connecting with your team mates, sharing information, conducting discussions regarding some business idea. Thus enhancing the productivity of your company through effective and transparent dealing methods becomes a lot easier.
  3. Any sort of additions or changes within your project is updated and you are informed immediately. Hence, with these updates you can think and act quickly along with your project group.
  4. Lumoflow offers you with instant message service through tools built in the agile project management structure for instant business development.
  5. The people within Lumoflow are provided with unique profiles viewing which you can increase your social network and connectivity.
  6. You are allowed to create dialogues to comment on the current work of all your team members.
  7. Lumoflow dashboard is made to help you organize your deadlines, task assigning and supervising work details.
  8. All your meeting times, schedules are updated and organized by Lumoflow as per your preference.
  9. You can view what your group mates are working on and put up immediate feedbacks and improve work quality. This encourages people to come forward and join up more.
  10. All new ideas, brainstorms and discussions are viewed by all the participating members of the project in the open dialogue screen.
  11. Lumoflow provides instant search results for experts on specified topics.
  12. You have the facility to measure your work before submission through simple Lumoflow meters.
  13. You can sign up into Lumoflow starter for free and later get subscription to a premium version.

Download : LumoFlow


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