Liquidplanner – A project planning and management software

Liquidplanner is project management and planning software, which helps you to manage the projects and make plans effectively. This software application is a web based planning and project management tool where you can easily manage projects online as well as schedule plans for yourself and your clientele.


With this feature, you can manage the projects online by signing up the feature. You can schedule plans relating to anything and set reminders for the plans to be effectively carried out. You can make plans and set them in the application with reminders and alerts for these plans to be carried out.

With the calendar, you can easily schedule plans with your friends and colleagues and then save them in the application to be reminded whenever they are scheduled to be. It also features different services for the different applications for the customer. You can also monitor projects and share project information with other members, along with scheduling tasks and work assignments for the members.

You can also review project reports and reviews by the clients through this software. With the Liquid planner project management and planning tool, you can also schedule web mobile reminders for your work and other project urgent aspects. The application will send you a reminder about the work and urgent aspect in time. The text message will include the reminder and the details you schedule in it.

Apart from that, you can also create, share and manage documents in the application without any hassle. The Liquidplanner project management tool effectively lets you do conference meetings and interact with clients and customers face to face. You need not go out for meetings with clients and personnel and can easily set meetings and conferences with them through this application.

The Liquidplanner project management and planning tool effectively lets you schedule projects and make project planning with colleagues. It also helps you in scheduling reminders for your work and important required assignment work without any difficulty. You can enter project deadlines, schedule priority tasks and are easily alerted through this application in time for your work.

You can also conduct social networking applications in sync with the project management tool to effectively get reviews and opinions from your colleagues and friends; you can also include them in working out your project and set reminders of plans made together with your friends. You can track projects and time of deliverance and scheduling for projects effectively.

Apart from that, you can client share in the project you want to let them view your projects and review them without any difficulty. You can prioritize work for clients and information for them through the client sharing policy tool. You can also get your project analyzed and report review submitted through this application online effectively at ease. The team management reports and other reports related to the project can be upgraded and analyzed easily with this application.

Features  of Liquidplanner

  1. Fast – The application is fast and easy to use with its features.
  2. Free – you need to sign up for the services even though there are pricing methods for long-term use of it.

Liquidplanner is undoubtedly a good application as it gives you many benefits to turn to for its efficiency and work hassle free scenario.

Download : Liquidplanner project management


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