Light Studio- 3D modeling software for iPhone

You always wanted to be a pro photographer and wanted to know the usage of lighting efficiently while shooting any photograph, right? Light Studio application can give you an opportunity to become a pro photographer. Light Studio is basically a 3D modeling and photography application that guides and helps to understand the use of lighting while shooting.

Light Studio 3D modeling software

Light Studio is a simple and easy to learn application which guides the user to use lighting properly in photography. The user can learn from the tutorials available in this application on how to create a classic composition effect of light in portrait photography by Teemu Kuusimurto, a renowned professional photographer.

The application also guides the user through the application of single light exposure portraits, double light exposure portraits, and so on. A built-in 3D modeling system helps the user to give hands on experience of lighting patterns and its use. Added to that, you can get all the tools handy in your device so that you can use the photography tools the way you want. In a way, you can own a virtual studio within your device.

Features of Light Studio

  1. Easy to use interface- Smart and easy to use interface is what makes this application more appealing.
  2. Easy to learn application- The application is designed for the novice photographers, so the application is kept simple and is quite easy to learn.
  3. Tutorials to guide for a pro photography- The users are guided to learn the lighting effects and photography basics through tutorials provided by Teemu Kuusimurto, a renowned professional photographer.
  4. Built-in 3D modeling system- The built-in 3D modeling system helps the user to provide hands on experience on lighting techniques in photography.
  5. Full of features and tools- The application supports all the tools and features needed to click and develop a pro photographs.
  6. Adjustable tools- When the user tries his/her hands on the application, s/he can easily adjust the attributes like the resolution, size, brightness, position, etc. to get the exact photograph s/he wants.
  7. Real-time handling of spherical distortions- When the user puts the lights on canvas, the application distorts and molds accordingly to help the lighting effects maintain the sphere’s shape while screened on a 3D screen.
  8. Artificial lighting system- Light Studio is an artificial lighting system, which is generated in mathematically calculated proportions to provide the object a neat and perfect look under lights. Unlike other studios, here the user gets a perfect lighting system to get a picture perfect look of the object.
  9. Vast collection of image-based lighting tools- The users can extend their levels of creativity using the library of this application where they can get image-based lighting tools like spot lights, windows, soft boxes etc..
  10. Custom background design for the photographs- In order to extend the lighting effects, the custom background design is available with this application. The built-in custom design of this application helps in creating visually enhanced 3D photographs.

The application is designed for the novice photographers and is a great learning tool that helps in creating a pro photograph and enhancing it further by applying various lighting effects.

Download : Light Studio


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