LessProjects – The Best Project Task Management Tool

Effective project management is provided to the users through the use of the LessProjects and it is designed for that purpose only. Several features are included in this application that further adds to the option of versatility for all professional projects.

Less Projects - Best Project Task Management Tool

Even phases and as well as multiple projects can be created by the users, Easy to assigned tasks to users, milestones can be set before them, and even tasks can be listed as per the priority settings.

Organizations as well as development teams are thoroughly benefitted through the use of this application. Effective management of multiple people who are working on the given task is also possible through the aid of this application.

Sticky notes are provided color codes that enable the users of LessProjects to get a complete overview of the project tasks and the current status about tasks. Less Projects belongs to the family of Less Everything and is an inherent part of this application.

Steven Bristol and Allan Branch was the founder of Less Everything and it was founded in the year January of 2007. This company is Jacksonville, Florida based and s relatively remains small as only around five employees work in it.

Less everything has created Less Memories, Less Accounting,The features provided by Less Projects are also offered by many other applications of similar type.

Several additional items are also provided to the users, that includes post of color codes that enables the users to get the overview of several tasks and also their current position.

The use of Less Projects is extremely easy and a total control is given to the users regarding their teams and projects. Several features are provided by the LessProjects to the exact right colors are applied that is not only appealing but also very well organized.

Status as well as priorities can be viewed by the users very quickly. There is also a pretty well organization of several note features.

Registering with the application is extremely easy and since the portal is extremely user friendly, you don’t have to be a technical geek to go with the registration process.

Just follow the simple steps and within moments you would be able to sign in. Thereafter you would be able to use all its effective features and make your projects a success.

Features of LessProjects – Project Task Management Tool

  1. Create tasks and set deadlines for them
  2. A priority status can be assigned to each and every task
  3. Specific users can also assigned tasks.
  4. Reports can be reviewed to see the user progress made by the individual
  5. Add projects and multiple businesses

LessProjects provide great help to any team who need the organization of projects. This application is created for the organizations and professionals who create multiple projects at the same time.

It would be very much helpful for the professionals who would be able to manage all their projects with much ease and temperament.

Download : Less Projects


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