7 Beautifully Design Job Board Themes for WordPress

WordPress is one of the best and most widely used blogging software and dynamic content management system to create your own beautiful website or blog.

It has a simple yet highly customizable and themeable user interface that allows you to create any types of websites and blogs from small to big portals.

But if you planning to create Job boards using WordPress, sound like impossible.

But now it’s possible there are so many useful WordPress job board themes available on the web that transform your WordPress into a fully functional Job Board website with complete backend administration.

Here is a 7 beautifully design free and premium Job Board Theme for WordPress.

Now create your own Job board website without spending thousands of dollars on a complex website.

Job Board Themes for WordPress


JobRoller job board theme for WordPress

JobRoller is one of the best and most popular job board themes for WordPress that give you features rich Job board application theme for WordPress.

So you can instantly start your own job board website within minutes and ready to sell your job listing Space and accepting new resumes within minutes. – JobRoller

9 to 5

9 to 5 job board theme for WordPress

Nine to Five is a unique job board theme for WordPress that offers more than 50 features to set your own Job board website with WordPress. The current theme compatible with WordPress 3.0 version. – Nine to Five

JobPress Pro

JobPress Pro job board theme for WordPress

JobPress Pro is a professional design Job board theme that converts your simple WordPress site into multifunctional job portals with lots of new features including job and resumes management, unique job seekers and employers dashboards, featured listings, payment gateway, and much more. – JobPress



JobJockey helps you to create your own professional job board website without using any special effort with your WordPress.

Users can easily manage all job posting and application within a WordPress environment. Also it offers easy to set up installation, SEO optimization, seamless integration with PayPal, and many more. – JobJockey

Job Board by Templatic

Job Board by Templatic job board theme for WordPress

Premium Job Board WordPress theme designed by Templatic offer you an easy to use and simple platform where job hunters and employers to connect with each other.

it has a simple layout system that mainly concentrates on content, not on flashy design. Users can create different pricing structures for different advertisers.

Also included User signup, member logins, and other features with this theme, so you need to customize any other code to get your site up and running. – Job Board by Templatic

JobBoard by FThemes

JobBoard by FThemes

JobBoard is a free WordPress theme designed by fthemes.com. it has beautifully designed easy to use featured content option with providing support for Post Thumbnails. – Job Board by Templatic


Njobsboard job board theme for WordPress

Njobsboard is a free Job board theme for WordPress that let you create feature-rich job board by using WordPress.

Users can easily add new Jobs directly to their website or allow you a visitor to post their Jobs directly.

it has a simple, clean, and intuitive administrative panel that helps you to manage your Job listing and other complicated work done easily and quickly. – njobsboard


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