11 useful JavaScript syntax highlighter

Syntax highlighter is a source code editor that allow you to highlight specific source code in different colour and fonts as per the language. by highlighting the code it doesn’t affect the meaning of code itself. it only for help programmer to read the source code systematically and easily and improve the readability of Code. Here is 11 useful JavaScript syntax highlighter to improve your source code readability.

  1. CodeColorizer

    CodeColorizer 11 useful JavaScript syntax highlighter

    CodeColorizer is a free online syntax highlighter allow you to convert your ASP, C/C++, Clipper, Delphi/Pascal, HTML, Java, JavaScript and Visual Basic source code into simple readable HTML or RTF format so that user can easily understand, learn, debug, print, and publish source code. – CodeColorizer

  2. CodeMirror

    CodeMirror 11 useful JavaScript syntax highlighter

    CodeMirror is a in-browser code editing and syntax highlighting tool written in JavaScript. it provide support for all major scripting languages like HTML, CSS, sTeX, LaTeX, Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, MySQL, JavaScript, Haskell, Groovy, C, Java, C#, and many more. features included :- Auto completion, Search and replace, Mode Overlays, Code Folding, HTML Code editor with Preview mode, Resizable editor, Theming, syntax highlighting, Emacs and Vim keybindings etc.. – { } CodeMirror

  3. syntaxhighlighter

    SyntaxHighlighter 11 useful JavaScript syntax highlighter

    Syntaxhighlighter is a fully featured and fully functional open source syntax highlighter written in JavaScript. it is perfect solution for your home page, blog, CMS, documentation CD or any other web page. All major software and developing companies like Apache, Aptana, Mozilla, Yahoo, WordPress, Bug Labs, Freshbooks used Syntaxhighlighter as heir code editing tool. – SyntaxHighlighter

  4. SHJS

    SHJS 11 useful JavaScript syntax highlighter

    SHJS is a JavaScript code Syntax highlighter that allow you to highlight your source code in HTML documents. it uses GNU Source-highlight language definitions which allow you to highlight so many types of programming languages such as C, C++, C#, CSS, Flex, HTML, Java, JavaScript, LaTeX, Oracle SQL, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, XML and many more. – SHJS

  5. JUSH

    JUSH 11 useful JavaScript syntax highlighter

    JUSH is a client side JavaScript syntax highlighter that help you to highlight so many useful programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTTP and SMTP protocol, php.ini and Apache configuration. it highlight the code which embedded into each other. – JUSH

  6. CodePress

    CodePress 11 useful JavaScript syntax highlighter

    CodePress is a online JavaScript syntax highlighter and source code editor that highlight the source code in real time while it’s being typed in the browser. it has all features which you expect from any syntax highlighter such as support for Code snippets, Auto completion, Shortcuts and multiple codepress windows for each page. – CodePress

  7. Highlight 3.7

    Highlight 11 useful JavaScript syntax highlighter

    Highlight 3.7 is a source code editor that convert your source code into formatted text files such as HTML, XHTML, RTF, or TEX files with coloured syntax highlighting. it currently support more then 175 programming languages and have more then 80 colour themes. it define all syntax elements as regular expressions or plain strings lists and also allow you to customize your keyword groups. – highlight 3.7

  8. FireRainbow

    FireRainbow 11 useful JavaScript syntax highlighter

    FireRainbow is a Firefox extension that provide JavaScript syntax highlighting functionality to Firebug. it give you mixed syntax highlighting functionality by using CodeMirror. currently it only support for JavaScript, CSS, HTML language and Uses WebWorkers to perform parsing in a non-blocking fashion. – FireRainbow

  9. JSHighlighter

    JSHighlighter 11 useful JavaScript syntax highlighter

    JSHighlighter is a dedicated syntax highlighter for JavaScript. it required only JavaScript Standard library (JSL) and compatible with all JavaScript supported browser. – JSHighlighter

  10. EditArea

    EditArea 11 useful JavaScript syntax highlighter

    EditArea is a free source code editor written in JavaScript. it main aim is to offer a text formatting, search, replace and customizable real-time syntax highlighting. User can write well formatted source code with line numerotation. – EditArea

  11. Highlight.JS

    highlight-js 11 useful JavaScript syntax highlighter

    Highlight.JS is a simple syntax highlighting library for Blogs, Forums and for any web pages. it is very easy to use and simple to understand because it automatically search blocks of code, detect the language and highlight it them. Currently Highlight.JS library provide support for more then 41 languages and it has 16 different style themes. – Highlight.js


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