8 free Java Personal Finance Manager

Personal Finance Manager allow you to manage your money and all financial transaction under one centralized Place and provides easy online budgeting and financial planning tools. Here is 8 useful and free Java based Personal Finance Manager.  

  1. JMoney Personal finance manager

    JMoney is a personal finance manager written in Java. user can also extend the performance of JMoney by using the Eclipse RCP and plug-in architecture. it provide support for multiple account with multiple currencies, Double Entry Banking, income/expense categories, various reports and also support Quicken file (QIF) exchange. Visit : JMoney

  2. CleanSheets – Java based Spreadsheet application

    CleanSheets is the first java based spreadsheet application that is easy to extend and completely platform independent. It use formula languages that very similar to Microsoft Excel. The application relies on ANTLR for generating the formula compiler and the JFC/Swing JTable component for spreadsheet visualization. Visit : CleanSheets java spreadsheet application

  3. jGnash – java personal finance manager

    jGnash is an easy to use, free, cross platform personal finance manager written in Java. it was specially designed to track your personal finances not only easily, but also provides the advanced functionality required by advanced users. it has double entry based transactions, Account reconciliation and also provide support for multiple currencies. User can also track Investment Accounts and Transactions and generate report in PDF format. Visit : jGnash java Personal finance manager

  4. GFP (Personal Finance management tool)

    GFP is a free and open source personal finance manager written in Java/Swing. it’s an cross platform personal finance management software which specially designed to provide user-friendly web interface for person who have basic knowledge for organize their finances. Visit : GFP

  5. Mjrz java based Personal Finance Manager

    Mjrz is a simple, easy to use Personal Finance Manager for tracking and managing your accounts and expenses. The software is specially designed for personal and small business users and it is not familiar with accounting principles like single or double entry accounting. Visit : Mjrz Java Personal Finance Manager

  6. LightWallet – J2ME based personal finance manager for Mobile

    LightWallet is a free and open source lightweight J2ME based personal finance management application for Mobile Phones . With LightWallet, User can easily track the financial transaction and manage their personal finances from anywhere by using J2ME based mobile phone. Visit : LightWallet

  7. Penny Pincher – Budget oriented personal finance manager

    Penny Pincher is a budget-oriented personal finance manager, written in Java for maximum cross-platform portability. It’s unique focus on the budget makes it ideal for individuals and families that want to better track their spending. Visit : Penny Pincher

  8. jWallet – Java/Swing based personal finance manager

    jWallet is a Java/Swing based personal finance manager that allow you to track your budget by putting your expanses/investments in one centralized Place . It also provides additional central services such as online investment funds/share prices, messaging services and many others Visit : jWallet


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