ITranslate for iPhone – Free translating application

Itranslate is a very simple and handy application that helps in translating words, phases and sentences in 33 custom languages on your Apple mobile devices. The users can easily toggle from one language to another using an easy to use pull-down menu bar.

iTranslate for iPhone

Imagine you are visiting any country or a place where you do not have any prior knowledge of the native language. You might need a bi-lingual dictionary for the day-to-day interaction. However, you can alternatively use your itranslate (application) enabled Apple mobile device as a bi-lingual dictionary.

ITranslate is a full-featured translating application that enables translating documents, texts, phases and sentences in any language. With a smart designer interface suitable for iPhone, users can switch and toggle within any of the custom 33 languages available with this translating application.

This means you can carry your multi-lingual dictionary with yourself anywhere. The application also keeps a track of prior translated texts and the users can easily access these texts and translate them as well. In a way, it is a very functional device for the globetrotters and travelers.

Features of ITranslate for iPhone

  1. Pocket translator- the application works as a pocket translator for the travelers visiting other country for their day-to-day communication with native people. Moreover, the users can carry it anywhere with their Apple mobile devices like iPhone.
  2. Bi-lingual- The iTranslate is a bi-lingual application that transforms sentences and phases in 33 custom languages, including English, Arabic, French, Bulgarian, Finnish, Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Czech Danish, etc. This means users can travel in any part of the world and can obtain optimum benefit using this handy application.
  3. Helps in keeping track of previously translated text- iTranslate helps in keeping a track of all the previously translated texts so that the users can access them whenever needed. Moreover, users can also translate them to other language after accessing them.
  4. Free application- The application comes for free with iPhone and can be used without any plug-ins or add-on.
  5. Pull-down menubar support- Using pull-down menu bar of this application, users can easily switch from one language to other.
  6. User friendly and interactive interface- The application comes with a very smart layout suitable for high end Apple devices like iPhone. It also has a very functional and user-friendly interface to let the users access the tools and options easily whenever needed.
  7. Keep languages in your ‘favorites’ list- Users can keep their favorite languages and commonly used translations in a ‘favorites’ list so that to access them whenever required.
  8. Translates instantly-This handy translating application takes phases and texts to translate, hence translates instantly as the phase or sentence is entered.
  9. Using the landscape mode- Users can switch to landscape mode for better visibility and ease in translating.

The application is a very helpful tool for the travelers. However, there are some limitations of this application. Firstly, It can translate not more than 500 words and limited phases. Secondly, you may need an Internet connection to access it. However, the application is a great tool to get into day-to-day conversation with native people.

Download : iTranslate 5.0 – Universal Translator for iPhone


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