ITaskX – The Best Project management software for Mac

iTaskX has been specially made as a project management tool for Mac OS. It is compatible with all Microsoft projects & helps in carrying out huge business projects, time schedules etc..

project management software for Mac OS  - iTaskX

It has the ability to adapt to various work processes and also keeps track on the targets, deadlines, and cost of the project. Due to its easy integration with Mac OS,

it is very user friendly & user guide helps users to quickly get accustomed with the functionalities of iTaskX. It is simple yet a powerful tool which portrays the larger picture of the project providing rich details without any complexity.

It can easily capture dates, costs, assign, value of resources, vary calendars, estimate slack time, task splitting, customized look, functionality etc.

it not only allows easy integration with Microsoft Projects but also allows swapping of information across different file formats & also saving whichever view the user wishes in flexible formats such as PDF, JPG, PNG etc.

iTaskX’s help documents & other online supports are very empowering. iTaskX’s has all functions which are necessary to organize, to keep track of projects.

For example, slack time calculations , effort-driven scheduling, overtime, cost accruals, WBS codes, critical tasks and varying calendars for project, timescale, tasks, resources.

iTaskX now also supports splitting multiple tasks. iTaskX’s high level of compatibility allows easy exchange of documents over popular Microsoft Project formats.

Features of iTaskX

  1. Simple Collaboration : Collaboration is a very important for executing any project successfully & it is the USP of iTaskX. The application dashboard mainly focuses on the ability to switch between different views of a project view which allows the user to identify his goals & communicate accordingly.
  2. Resource Management : Another important feature of iTaskX is its ability to track & monitor resources. The user sensitive resource menu allows easy editing of necessary data. With this software it is very easy to keep track of material resources as well as the human resources side by side. The user can easily monitor workloads, update timesheets, in short generally can catch anything and everything related to the resources.
  3. Project Management : Very much like resource management, iTaskX approaches task management also in a very similar manner. The user interface of the software allows large screen view, thus it is possible to see all project related data at once. It is also possible track different tasks as & when they are completed, allowing the user to keep bird’s eye view of the project as it is processed.
  4. User Friendly : iTaskX has an integrated help windowpane which is very different from the available applications in the market. The help screen show various information depending on what functions the user is using, it also allows the user to easily check the tutorials which can guide them in every step of their project.

iTaskX is unique project management software which allows easy integration with Mac OS & Microsoft project. The unique user friendly interface helps in keeping track of material & human resources. It allows the user to schedule & manage multiple projects, task divisions etc..

Download : iTaskX


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