iSale – eBay auction manager for Mac

iSale is a online selling tool connected to eBay where you can get the sales and the related auction lists of eBay through this application. You can buy and use the multiple features of eBay through this application without having to continuously login to eBay. The iSale application saves time, money and stress. The features available for use in iSale are easy to use and you can see your items over at eBay through this application.

eBay auction manager

You can create layouts of your products and then promote them for the customers. You can also update videos and photos of your products on the application to directly transfer them to eBay for their sale. The application develops your product image and description you enter to make it more eye catching and effective in marketing.

You can drag and drop the professional designs for your products to get the attention of customers and clients to your products. The drag and drop menu effectively get your product designed in the professional way with good product description. You will give the product description; just its development will be done by the application. The application organizes your auctions of your product to get the good price for it. iSale takes into account creating the feedback, layout and auction options.

The iSale site manages and develops your auctions on eBay application. It effectively promotes your product to make it attractive to the customer to help you develop your sales. You can use the featured good templates, which will help you to develop your eBay auctions. Apart from that, your items get higher bids and your presentation gets better with its use.

You can develop your layout by choosing the one from a number of layout formats in the application site. Apart from that, you can give the product description and can accordingly create your product design format from the lists. You do not need to buy the space for hosting and featuring your product on eBay. You can easily through this application freely highlight your product in the site and put it up for auction.

You can also give your picture as well as video of your product to increase sales and get more customer response. You can give adequate product information in detail to get more customers and viability of your product. You can create multiple accounts on the eBay site with this application for different members and can update products of great ranges for their auction.

Features of iSale

  1. You can effectively use this application in your iPhone. This can be easily updated on your mobile phone by downloading or even sign in through your account to auction your products.
  2. This feature is easy to use, as you need to only sign in and auction your products. You do not need to pay for getting your product featured on the eBay site.
  3. You can easily communicate with your buyers and once your product is sold, you can enjoy the benefits offered by the site.

This is a good application for managing your selling auctions and product management.

Download : iSale


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