10 Best iPhone Apps for Writers

With so many people entering the world of blogging as well as writing, there definitely is a need for tools that one can carry with them anywhere and everywhere.

Thinking of a portable tool, what can be more convenient than a smartphone app that will help you write while on the go?

Also, writing has come a long way from traditional and tangible desktop screens to handy mobile applications.

With the introduction of high-end devices such as smartphones, tablets, phablets as well as other iOS and Android devices, there has been a huge reform in the world of writing.

So today I am going to introduce the 10 best iPhone apps for all you avid writers.

10 Best iPhone Apps for Writers

My Writing Spot – iPhone Apps for Writers

What can be more convenient than writing the novels as well as other journals on one of your favorite Apple devices i.e. the iPad or iPhone?

My Writing Spot for iPhone is the most incredible iPhone apps for writers today. This app provides users with a distraction-free environment so that they can pour out their thought into meaningful words.

It is also possible to sync your latest work online with the My Writing Spot web app. This way you can always carry a copy of your work wherever you go.

This app was initially introduced for other iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod touch, but it has been redesigned now for iPad as well. – My Writing Spot

Features :

  1. Write in portrait or landscape. Unleash those thumbs
  2. Autosave feature
  3. Word/Character Count
  4. Dictionary/Thesaurus lookup
  5. Email Documents
  6. Sync your documents easily with the free My Writing Spot web app so you don’t need to worry about document management. You can have the latest version of your docs with you all the time.

Writer’s Studio – iOS Writing Apps

The Writer’s Studio app provides you with the best tools and guidance that will help you in creating an amazing presentation or personal eBooks of your thoughts as well as ideas. Using this app, you can also add graphics as well as art into your writings.

Apart from all these, another worth praising feature of this app is that you can set timing and page by page layouts to give your book that professional look and feel.

it is the most suitable iOS writing app for people who want to create their own personal E-books as well as presentations. – Writer’s Studio

Story Tracker – iPhone Apps for Writers

Now it is possible to keep track of your submitted work using the Story Tracker app.

Your stories, scripts, novels, poems as well as articles can be easily tracked using the Story Tracker app. So you no longer have to wonder about the work that you have posted online.

And the most amazing part is that you can get all this information on all your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch with just a simple tap.

You can also view the response time for each and every one of your submissions. Story Tracker is a must-have writing app for bloggers, naïve writers as well as professionals. – Story Tracker

Features :

  1. Track submissions of all your writing such as stories, poetry, novels, articles, scripts, screenplays, and more.
  2. Store all details and guidelines for any market accepting written submissions.
  3. Add all necessary details for each story, including title, word-count, genre, and notes.
  4. View total income earned for each story.
  5. Easy to hide ‘Trunk’ stories from the story list when creating submissions.
  6. View the submission history for each story, sorted by date.
  7. Simple Story status icons which show you the status of articles
  8. Use the embedded web-browser to quickly check on market websites
  9. Conduct phone calls or launch emails directly from market details.
  10. Highlights approaching market deadlines on the market list.

Script Write – iPhone app for writing Script

Script Write has been tagged as the best mobile screenwriting app so far. Due to its high-end design and functionality, Script Write requires an iOS 6.0 version or above compatible devices.

This app, however, does not come with any backup system. But it is definitely going to be there in the future versions of this app.

using the ScriptWrite app, you can change the name of your current script as well as create duplicate copies of the same.

Writing and reading can be done in both landscapes as well as portrait resolutions. Rearranging of scenes and easily accessible toolbars are new features of this writing app. – ScriptWrite

Screenplay Writing App for iPhone

Screenplay writing app received an outstanding ranking of 10 out of 10 in the iOS writer’s app review.

it is the world’s first fully-functional mobile screenwriting application that enables you to write as conveniently in the outdoors as you will be inside your home.

You can write anything from single scenes to a complete movie. Screenplay resolves all the problems of screen tilt and runs smoothly on the iPhone.

You can also import work from anywhere onto your iPhone and start working from anywhere at any time.

Apart from this, standard screenplay formatting is enabled both on screen as well as in the exported files. – Screenplay

Features :

  1. Stability and performance
  2. Easy to Import and Export to FDX
  3. Import and Export to and from Celtx and other screenwriting software via text format.
  4. Easy to import from URL or Online Storage
  5. Provide support for all features of iPhone OS 3.0 Text such as Cut/Copy/Paste, magnifying glass, auto-complete, etc..
  6. New, innovative and intuitive User interface
  7. Standard screenplay formatting
  8. Character name auto-complete
  9. One-click character rename throughout the entire script.
  10. Easy Drag-and-drop scene reordering
  11. Lock the screen to either landscape or portrait mode

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus app considered to be the most widely used as well as the most comprehensive dictionary on the iOS app store.

it provides high-quality audio pronunciation, which means you can improve your vocabulary while writing. You can easily look for words, in case you fall short of them.

It has a very user-friendly mobile interface. It is also now possible to give precise definitions to your novels, journals, articles, and other works.

A new feature in this app is the bookmark facility as well as editable history.

This means that you can now keep a track of all the stuff that you go through using this incredible app. – Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

Features :

  1. Up to 591,700 entries, 4.9 million words, 335,000 relations
  2. Audio pronunciation
  3. Content sensitive IPA pronunciation symbol assistance
  4. Clear and precise definitions
  5. Unique conceptual thesaurus with word links
  6. Fast look-ups, snappy user interface, smooth scrolling screens
  7. Editable history/bookmarks function
  8. Word Shake – Shake the device to look up random words!
  9. No need to use an internet connection to search any words
  10. Powered by iSpeech® technology

A Novel Idea -iPhone App for Writers

This comes across as the most appropriate app for putting your thoughts as well as inspirations into meaningful words.

It provides a simple user interface so that you can create your own characters, storyline, scenes, locations, and novels to create your own plot.

A Novel Idea app comes with an idea feature using which you can link sparks to the elements in your story.

You can now arrange your scenes by simply dragging and dropping them wherever you want. This is definitely writing redefined. – A Novel Idea

Contour – Writing App for iPhone

Contour is the ultimate award-winning story writing app for iPhone. It is capable of streaming your movie idea from scratch to the full outline.

Contour app is now available for iOS devices such as iPad as well as iPhone. With this app, you can carry your writing ideas with you wherever you go.

The Contour system teaches you how to use the same character-based structure that nearly all the Hollywood blockbuster movies use.

This system has been developed on a simple to understand principles and has passed all the tests it was put through.

You can also download the desktop version of the Contour app, hence covering up both your smartphone as well as your Mac. – Contour

Byword – Writing App for iPhone

Byword writing app was created in order to make writing more enjoyable using Markdown for iPad as well as iPhone.

You can sync your documents across all your iOS devices. Your documents can also be accessed while you are offline. The byword app also allows you to search for texts inside your written documents.

For working in low light situations, alternate dark themes are also there. The Markdown feature includes footnotes, cross-references as well as tables for your documents.

Markdown can be exported to HTML as well as PDF formats using this app. Moreover, you can also publish your documents to WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Evernote, and Scriptogram. – Byword

Writing App – iPhone App for Writers

Using the iPhone Writing app, you can now add notes to all your creations whether it is a chapter in a novel, a character, place, or simply an item.

All you need to do is simply tap on the new ‘Notes’ button after selecting the desired element for which you want to create the note.

This app fixes the bugs in your document and provides an improved writing experience to the users. – Writing App


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