IObit Unlocker – Solution for “Cannot delete file or folder” problems on Windows 7

IObit Unlocker is an easy solution to delete a file or folders that while trying to delete displays “can not delete”. The application actually unlocks these files and folders to share, use or remove them easily. The application designed for the windows platform and works on the basic operation of dragging and dropping. IObit Unlocker is an easy solution for “cannot delete”, “used by another program or user”, “The source or destination file may be in use”, “There has been a sharing violation”, “can not read from the source file or disk”, “make sure the disk is not write-protected or full and that file is not currently in use” etc. files.

IObit Unlocker

IObit Unlocker releases the folder or file from being occupied by any other program or any other user and allows the user to view, modify or remove the folder in a very short span of time. It also unlocks the file and folder so that the users can view the files, modify them or remove them accordingly.

With just a single tap of button, users can easily solve “access denied” problems. Users can simply click, drag and drop the items they want to unlock into IObit Unlocker and unlock them easily. Tools like “unlock & delete”, “unlock & move”, “unlock & rename”, “unlock & copy”, etc. provides the user to perform operations with a single click operation.

Ample files and folders located in various locations can be unlocked easily within minutes. Moreover, the application is available with improved tools and interface so that the users can use this application in a better way. IObit Unlocker also fixes minor bugs to keep the system fit.

Features of IObit Unlocker

  1. Solution for “can not delete” files- IObit Unlocker is a handy solution for “can not delete” files. It easily unlocks those files or folders and makes them easily visible and removes them.
  2. Helps in deciphering any file format- The utility application deciphers any file format to make them easy to modify, use or remove.
  3. Releases the file and folders by being used by any other program- The application, IObit Unlocker, releases the file and folders by being used by any other program in the system and displays, modifies or removes it.
  4. Easy drag & drop options- To decipher or unlock any file or folder, users can easily use the drag & drop options. By dragging an item and dropping it into IObit Unlocker, the application modifies the files and folders from where users can choose the options like, “unlock & delete”, “unlock & move”, “unlock & rename”, “unlock & copy”, etc. to command the operation to perform any of these tasks.
  5. Terminates all other related processes- By switching on the “forced” mode, the application also terminates all the processes that can lock any file or folder which is intended to be modified, used, viewed or removed.
  6. Unlocks multiple files and folders from any location of the system- The application can unlock multiple files and folders in a given time from any location of the system.

Iobit Unlocker, is a smart and safe way to unlock any file and folder without any virus for the Windows users.

Download : IObit Unlocker


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