Intervals – web based task and project management software for small businesses

Intervals is a web based task and project management software that suit the specific conditions for small sized businesses. It provides a task that is hosted, and provides services related to project management.

Intervals project management software

The most useful feature of this tool is its ease of use. There are several tools that are very complicated in terms of usage while some tools are easy to use but do not support several features.

Web designers and developers, several IT companies and other corporate agencies from over 100 countries are using Intervals. It is also used by small companies. Intervals provide a great deal of flexibility and provide a great ease in customization techniques.

For all these reasons several countries are trying to implement Intervals in their normal workflow so that they are performed easily. Tracking of time and reporting is the most prominent feature of this tool. If you are wasting a lot of your valuable time doing nothing then intervals is the perfect solution you should opt.

The details about intervals can be checked by you after going through the tour check out or by seeing the videos. You can also create an account for free trial and get to know the interval at first-hand.

A completely free trail will be provided to you for 30 days. The best way to know software is to use it. You can also experience the features of Interval through online service provided.

Features of Intervals

  1. Get Organized – Deadlines should be kept in mind as well as the time constraint must be kept in mind. Project management solutions are built keeping the Intervals in mind. It helps to keep track of the time as per its usage. The intervals contain substantial in formations regarding your business. Reports are generated as per the data and instruction fed. Several in formations such as hours worked, payments on hourly basis are made in Intervals. Information tracking is the most powerful feature of this tool.
  2. Document Storage – The places where documents are stored are easily retrieved from here. Intervals enable you to upload files of any type be it a project related or task related. Workflows require several instructions for its execution. Additional files are also required by workflows including drawings, images etc..
    The flexible document characteristics help it to store the files in more of a flexible way. Files can be accessed from anywhere due to the wide networking accessibility. Continually updating the similar file? You can also retrieve the whole document with just a click of a button. You can also at the same time upload any of your projects or the tasks and you can also retrieve the same file form any destinations as it is widely accessible throughout the net.
  3. Support for Visual reporting
  4. Calendar view with drag and drop scheduling
  5. Easy to export data into multiple format CSV, XML and PDF.
  6. Import clients, tasks, projects, milestones and people

Thus with all the modern functionalities this is a must try service.

Download : Intervals


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