Intera – Web solutions for CRM and project management

Do you want to improve customer relations services of your company? You may be a management professional or a sales manager or work in small and middle-sized companies or in the marketing departments. Intera project management is an all-in-one tool for building customer relations and project management.

Intera - Web solutions for CRM and project management

Intera Project management software comes as a package. It consists of Intera Project and Intera CRM. Intera project can be used for project management in construction, architecture bureaus, advertising and marketing agencies, municipalities, IT departments, translation agencies and other companies. Intera CRM is used for customer relationship management in many organizations, which deal with selling, mainly in advertising and marketing agencies, insurance companies, media houses and other B2B and B2C companies.

Intera project Management comes in many versions. You can download the basic light version from the internet free of cost. It is suited for low end systems. It does not have any complicated instructions and so does not require special maintenance. The rates are a bare minimum and go up depending on the user strength, size of team requires, the category of business and amount of space needed. You can get customized services according to your requirements. These customized services can add to your sales effectively. This user friendly software has renovated the way you can deal with your customers and their problems. Through Intera Project management you can handle, administer and archive projects effortlessly and efficiently.

Features of Intera :

Intera comes with some attractive features that are sure to lure you.

Intrix Project :

  1. Intera Project allows you to handle, administer and archive projects effortlessly and efficiently.
  2. You can accumulate all the data and information related to the project in one single place.
  3. It helps you create well-defined tasks catalogues with deadlines and the people in charge.
  4. You can easily chalk out your schedules through outstanding communication services.
  5. Intera Project management also has an option for automatic notification of deadlines, derogations and modifications of the project.
  6. You can efficiently apply cost control methods to all your projects.

Intrix CRM :

  1. It allows you to generate an overview of all activities related to individual customers accurately in a well-organized manner.
  2. It helps in elevated competence and organization of the whole team involved in sales.
  3. It leads to an increase in sales income and brings down the cost of sales activity.
  4. All the customer related information is assembled in one place and is easily accessible at any time.
  5. It is an undemanding task to keep record of sales opportunities, leading to growth in the number of successful sales.
  6. You data security is absolutely guaranteed. Your customer’s data will not be lost when a team member leaves your company.

Intera is a simple software. This has led to its immense popularity. You can easily manage both your customers and projects using this software. It allows your work to be done efficiently without any hassles. It is sure to leave you satisfied.

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