HyperOffice – online business collaboration suite with Cloud Messaging

HyperOffice is an online business collaboration suite that allows you to have intranet solutions, online collaboration and document sharing, business email service and host online meetings. HyperOffice provides with business email service that is a reliable email solution without resorting to expensive hardware or complex software.


You can keep track of important appointments, meetings and events related to your business with the help of online calendar and also easy to do online collaboration with the help of web based project management and task manager. Online document management that HyperOffice offers allows you to streamline your document management processes by sharing and storing files.

Easy to store, access, organize and collaborate company files from any PC or Mac. Even You can store and manage your contact list with the help of an effective online contact management. The custom online portal does away with your email overload, document chaos or numerous telephone tags with your customers of partners. You can start discussions and increase communication within and across company boundaries for teams, departments, partners or customers with the help of discussion forums.

You can tailor HyperOffice as per your need with enhanced security, training services and other functionalities. You can take your business relationships to the next level for remote teams, clients and partners with the help of extranet services. You can set up extranet instantly with custom brand, look, tool and contents. Online collaboration solutions allow your employees, customers, and partners to share critical business information from anywhere in the world, using any web-enabled handheld device.

features of HyperOffice

  1. It is packed with smart business features like Web email, document management and file storage, online calendars, online contact management, and project management tools. These are easy to use and hassle free.
  2. HyperOffice is completely web based and hence there is no need to download any software, install or maintain. You will be able to run it with just few clicks.
  3. The user interface is similar to a desktop background which makes the Collaboration Suite easy to use from the beginning. You can start working just by login in. interactive tutorials are offered to anyone who needs help. Self-paced on-line training and technical support are available to all customers for free.
  4. HyperOffice enables you to access it from any PC or Mac that has an internet connection with a username and password as it is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible.
  5. You can avail HyperOffice for your businesses for a low monthly subscription fee hence there are no capital expenses to worry about.
  6. You can define groups by department, interest, etc. and get the right information to the right people at the right times. The shared workspace of each group gives your team the tools and the online environment to optimize the way they collaborate.
  7. Unchain Outlook from your local computer! Access & manage your Outlook account on any PC, Mac or mobile device & all changes are automatically synched, updated & mirrored.

Thus you can see that HyperOffice, though it has some drawbacks is a wonderful tool of online business collaboration.

Download : hyperoffice – online business collaboration suite


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