Create a virtual classroom for K 12 with Haiku Learning management system (LMS)

Many of the educational institutions are in the search of advanced learning management software that caters to its different needs and makes the work easier and saves a lot of their important time.

haiku lms

Haiku LMS is certainly one of the most advanced learning management software’s till date in the market. This advanced piece of learning management system (LMS) allows the different educational institutions to incorporate the educational activities with the web to make it seamlessly accessible to the students and their parents.

The Haiku LMS also allows the teachers to upload their course contents, assignment details and other aspects in no time at all.

The brilliant user interface of Haiku enables the teacher and the students to work right away with the platform with absolutely zero training.

The aspect of attendance is also well maintained by the Haiku LMS. Even the transcripts and the results are automatically generated. It would be a lot easier for the students as they would be able to retrieve their report cards directly from online only.

Create a custom letter head for your institution and you can assign the headers and footers and a custom logo to provide a unique touch.

Haiku LMS allows both the students and teachers to exchange comments on particular assignments and also take audio video classes over the net.

Haiku LMS saves much of the administrators’ time by computing the grading, providing assignments and above all generate the required reports.

Features of Haiku LMS

  1. Calendar – Calendar entries can be maintained by the admins to let the students know about the classes, assignment deadlines etc..
  2. Haiku LMS comes at a very low price which is easily affordable.
  3. Design Skins – Customize your page by utilizing one of the many pre installed skins. The skins will provide a completely unique feel to the whole aspect.
  4. Drag & Drop Layout – You will get the opportunity of utilizing the common drag and drop feature. This feature would enable you to manage all your important classes and other aspects in a simple and fast fashion.
  5. Pages – Haiku LMS will also be there to provide suitable contents to your portal such that you don’t the visitors have it easy navigating and understanding the page.
  6. Portal – Haiku LMS offers the institution with its own customized portal.
  7. Provide handouts – The Haiku LMS also allows you to notify the students about any events or deadlines by providing them with self generated handouts.
  8. Simple user interface – The user interface of the Haiku LMS is extremely simple and no training is required to use it.

Haiku LMS is surely one of the most advanced learning management systems in the market and its highly effective features is sure to provide high end results to its clients. It is definitely a hot pick and a must try software for the institutions.

Download : Haiku LMS

Haiku Learning Management System


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