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Groupsite is an online platform for you to create your social networking site. However, it differs from other such sites as it also allows you to mingle with colleagues, friends, or family to share information and communicate with each other.

Thus, Groupsite gives you the freedom to expand your social circle just like all other social networking sites and helps you connect with your partners and perform your tasks in a collective, and so, quicker and more efficient way.


Groupsite is pretty easy to learn, so you can get going as soon as you have logged in and created your site. You can set up all the basic social networking and collaborative features on your free site.

If you sign up for Groupsite as a premium user, you can embed numerous other additional features. For example, if you create your site, you are its sole administrator at first and can control everything from inviting other people to modifying and setting up discussions.

Once a few members have joined, you can select other members of your choice to be administrators and assign them the power to modify your site settings.

You do not need to have knowledge of computer coding to get your site up and running. Groupsite is designed in such a way that all you’ll have to do is select those features which you want to incorporate into your site.

Once your site is up, it will be hosted through a very staunch and effective security system, giving you confidence and peace of mind to share anything and everything on your site.

Features of Groupsite

  1. With Groupsite, you and your colleagues can stay in touch and complete your tasks irrespective of where you are.
  2. You can share files, folders, pictures, videos, work-related information, etc., via Groupsite. For example, if you want to share something with a particular group of people, you can only set those files to be visible to them.
  3. Members of your site can maintain both social and professional profiles on Groupsite.
  4. You can create “sub-groups” within your groups in Groupsite, in which you can assign settings of your choice.
  5. Information in Groupsite is encrypted and, thus, safe and secure.
  6. Groupsite is also accessible from your multimedia phone.
  7. With the “group calendar” feature in Groupsite, you can assign tasks on dates and make it visible to your colleagues to know about your schedule and their work at hand.
  8. You can hold discussions conforming to your tasks on the Groupsite page itself.
  9. You can invite your clients to join Groupsite to hold discussions regarding your work assigned by them. In addition, you can stay in touch with old clients and former employees or colleagues.
  10. You can customize your site and make it look classy and attractive.

Groupsite steals the edge over other social networks, creating sites with additional social and professional collaboration features. Thus Groupsite guarantees that you stay connected socially to all your friends and family and manage your business and work in unison with your partners.

Download: Groupsite social collaboration


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