GroupCamp Project – Online collaborative project management software

GroupCamp Project is an online project management software to accelerate and manage businesses efficiently. With this software application, users can easily assign multiple tasks to the team members, share project files and documents, track time in an advanced way, launch discussions and collaboratively write a project.

GroupCamp Project

GroupCamp Project is an online project managing software to help in managing multiple projects and businesses easily. Using this software , users can follow all the ongoing activities related to the projects with a real time new feed.

Users can easily create, segregate, sort and assign tasks to the team members, and can even set the due dates for project completion and attach multiple files too. Users can also assign deadlines for their projects can link them with their task lists. Added to that, users can also track time of the project tasks using the time-tracking application.

You can also create multiple projects, client companies, user companies and can customize their account settings according to their need and preferences. The software also enables the user to launch discussions and online topics easily. It also helps in adding multiple pages for writing together and collaborate documents. Users can share files easily in any project and upload all files easily online.

Features of GroupCamp Project

  1. Easy to assign multiple tasks- The application helps the user to assign multiple project tasks to the team members easily.
  2. Create and sort tasks easily- GroupComp Project helps in creating tasks for the team members and sort as well as segregate tasks accordingly.
  3. Set deadlines and milestones- Users can set their key deadlines for each and every project and can link them with to-do task lists so that they can get constant and continuous notifications easily.
  4. Customize account settings- Users can easily customize the account settings and get the exact tools and features they want for managing their projects.
  5. Launch online discussions and form online topics- The software enables the user to launch online discussions and form online topics on project details.
  6. Link pages and manage revisions- The software application, Groupcamp Project, helps the user to add multiple pages for collaborative project writing and helps in document collaboration. It also can create links between pages and mange revisions easily.
  7. Time tracking application support- As a user, you can track time for all your project tasks assigned by the time tracking tool of Groupcamp Project.
  8. Create multiple projects and manage them easily- Users can create multiple projects and can manage them efficiently using this software application.
  9. Upload and share project documents and files- With Groupcamp Project, users can easily upload multiple project documents and files & can share them in the project so that they (files & documents) are visible by the team members.

Groupcamp Project is an easy to handle interactive tool for the professionals who are into handling of collaborative projects. This full-featured and multifunctional application is one of its kind to provide the user a helping hand in projects managing.

Download : GroupCamp Project


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