Group Office – The Best enterprise CRM and groupware tool

Group Office is your own personal online office which provides you with a host of top-class features. With features like file sharing, share projects, files, and calendars and even e-mail online with not just co-workers but clients as well, Group Office takes the scenario of online collaboration to a higher level. It is an easy application and can be fully customized according to your needs and purposes.


Main Features of Group-Office

  1. Group-Office gives the scope of customizing the whole application according to ones needs and purposes.
  2. You can use the Calendar Feature to plan all your events and even set reminders for your benefit. Not just this, the feature has the set up of multiple calendars as well which can help you to share your calendar with the other users of Group-Office. It also supports the i-Calendar which makes it easier to synchronize your Group-Office Calendar with any other calendar software which also supports the i-Calendar procedure.
  3. The E-Mail Feature enables you to access your account and check your mails anywhere in the world. There is even an option of templates which is useful in creating your own professional signatures and can also be used for sending newsletters for keeping your customers and consumers up to date with the latest news.
  4. The system of CRM helps you in keeping a track of all your clients and customers in a simpler and easier way. You can stay in touch with the clients and your prospects from anywhere around the world. There is the application of address book for tracking down your customers related mails, files, and notes. And the ticket system will keep on reminding you of important events and socials so that you do not forget about your customers.
  5. Your personal files can be stored online with the help of the File System. And can even be shared within your co-workers or even your clients. Editing of files can be done locally after which they can be easily transferred back automatically to your disk located online. The Java upload program will further enable you not just to upload files but entire folders as well. Even color templates for documents can be created.
  6. Your working hours can be easily registered through the Project module. Not only this, any related information regarding a project can be all kept in a single place. And also files, mails and even contacts can be linked to the projects.
  7. Group-Office SyncML and ActiveSync server helps you to take your office along with you, even on the road. Group-office can help in synchronizing your tasks, contacts and appointments through PDA’s, mobile phones and even Microsoft outlook.
  8. The billing module helps in creating orders, quotes and invoices. These documents can be printed or even sent through mail as PDF attachment. You can keep a track of your expenses and can create books as and when you like.

Pros and Cons of Group-Office

Pros of Group-Office :

  1. It is a very compact application which offers a host of applications in one.
  2. All the applications like the calendar, file sharing, billing module and others are very user friendly and easy to use.
  3. It is portable and easily accessible
  4. Is very useful for big multinational companies and industrial houses.
  5. It is Java enabled and thus can be run even on a cell phone
  6. It is cost efficient.

Cons of Group-office :

  1. It can only be used by those who are technologically advanced
  2. Not everyone can afford to use a Group-Office tool
  3. Even though compact, it can be complex at times as well.
  4. With new developments and advancements, the Group-Office tool has become more and more complicated; especially for those you are technologically challenged.

Group-Office is an ideal application for online collaboration. It is technologically advanced and is user-friendly. It has a host of applications which can make your work and life simpler and easier. And it is very much cost efficient.

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