Gravity Agile Project Management tool

Gravity is an efficient agile project management tool. It is a powerful yet simple tool which helps you maintain. It saves you precious time and gives you the best results. It is easy to collaborate with your group. It helps you to accumulate your thoughts in one place.


Gravity lets you create stories, build acceptance tests, allocate costing and schedule work in iterations. It is compatible Scrum, Extreme Programming, and most other Agile methodologies. Gravity has an intuitive and interactive interface, quick resource scoring, and uncomplicated structure. It helps you to organize projects into constructive components without the clutter from typical Project Management systems. You cannot really remove a project once it is over. You can archive it and refer to it in future if required.

Thus it score way over than the ordinary Project Management Systems. Gravity is simple to start using. You can just sign in from the Gravity homepage. You can also use your Google, Yahoo or any other Open ID account and register. You can add Gravity to Google Applications. This allows you to gain access to tools that you and your organization need to wrap up projects well before the deadline. Gravity is not heavy on your budget. You data is absolutely secured with Gravity. It is free up to three projects. Subscription details of paid versions are yet to be published. Gravity is currently in its beta stage and is still evolving. It hosts an active support base for its users for their assistance.

Features of Gravity Agile Project Management tool

Some features that make Gravity a user-friendly software

  1. Gravity is web-based Agile Project Management tool. You do not need to go through any time-consuming installation processes. Thus it does not slow your computer or eat up your disk space. You can just start using it through any modern browser.
  2. You do not need to do any additional registration. You can simply sign in with your account from Google, Yahoo or Open ID provider.
  3. Gravity comes free of cost for individuals and small shops. It does not charge anything up to three projects.
  4. Gravity integrates with Google Application through services like Company projects, single sign-on, project calendar, contacts integration and many more.
  5. It also has special user improvisation facilities depending on the specific requirements of your company.

You can avail some extra features if you install Gravity to your Google Applications Domain. These added features are-

  1. You can attach the project to your company account. This makes it simpler to assign stories or issues to other users from the company.
  2. You get a shared project calendar.
  3. It automatically integrates Google contacts.

Gravity is a new-age software which not only promises to take complete care of your project but also delivers satisfactory results. It involves safe and secure data management without any huge investment for infrastructure. It is a simple and robust software which you can use along with your co-workers without much difficulty. Gravity ensures complete satisfaction of its users.

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