Google Analytics App for iPhone and iPod Touch

If you own a web page, you must be aware of the process of keeping a track of the traffic on your blog or webpage.

It is found that the website owners often spend hours in the Google Analytics only to find out whether their site is improving in terms of traffic or not.

Google Analytics App for iPhone

The analytics apps make it easy this job only as it directs all the vital stats to your hand held devices. You can check all the information and reports directly onto the screen of your iPhone.

The analytics app is capable of providing you with above 55 different type of reports which you can easily check out in a proper way owing to the extremely well organized application.

Webpage owners or bloggers would be definitely benefitted as they would be able to track even minute changes related to their web pages at anytime they want.

The application is extremely user friendly and the aspect of navigation in the application is also very smooth.

Features of Analytics for iPhone

  1. Much easier than the normal browser checking.
  2. The old version of checking the analytics required to have a computer and then through your common web browser you could check the stats. But the analytic app lets you check the vital stats even while you are on the move from your Mobile devices.
  3. Increase Productivity
  4. The analytic app helps you to keep a track of all the leads that you are securing in the current month or current day or even in the current hour. Not only that, you will also be able to check out the significant keywords that are important in the market, the website content of yours from where you are securing the most number of keywords etc..
  5. Reports : The analytic app provides you with over 55 different kinds of reports. In short the analytic app lets you have every bit of information from Google Analytics which you may often require. The effective overview reports that are also presented make it much easier for you to get all what is happening in real time.
  6. Charts : Incorporated charts lets you graphically see all your important data and information within the particular date array you are scrutinizing.
  7. The reports that are generated from this app are complete ones from which you can retrieve every bit of information which are required.
  8. Manifold Sites and Accounts : My Analytics for iPhone does not care about the fact of the number of websites you have. Any number of sites is effectively loaded from Google Analytics and in case of your multiple account scenarios, just login with the different user names when required.
  9. Confidentiality : This app takes care of all your confidentiality. All your credentials related to the analytics are transferred only to the Google analytics from where you can retrieve the required stats.
  10. If you want to change the date range of a report, you can select from the ranges of the pre loaded report list or from any specific report.

With such an array of effective features, this app is sure to provide great to the millions of website owners and blog owners.

Download : Analytics App for iPhone


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