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GizaPage is a one-stop online location where your entire online presence can be aggregated into one single website. But Gizapage is not an aggregator, it is a new ‘social network organizer’ that helps to create a web page where all the social media profiles you link can be featured, each in a new tab and each page served from the social network’s own domain. It is similar to loading up a tabbed web browser that has links to your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube etc. but can easily be accessed using a single custom URL.


People using GizaPage generally begin with importing their contacts from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Orkut, LinkedIn, Gmail, Plaxo or Rediff Mail. Then they can individually add new sites, or “pin profiles,” to their respective GizaPage. More than 40 sites are there to choose from and besides having obvious favorites like Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail the list also includes more niche services such as Furl, Magnolia and Pandora.

Users have to choose one by one from the list. No additional password is required but for each site, users have to specify whether they want it to be public, private or exclusively accessible to friends. The end product is a single site containing tabs of all the social profiles of the user thus giving visitors the opportunity to hook and eye through views of each profile of the user. This not only helps the user owning his/her social identity but also makes it insanely simple for new contacts to find the user online.

Gizapage started its journey in 2009, as an award winning social web company. Its mission was to ‘help businesses transform their website and micro sites into social hubs – making it ready for engagement for their community’. GizaPage Social HubsTM pulls together a business’s social content from Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and other social channels into its website thus offering visitors a more thorough and social experience.

GizaPage App SuiteTM provides businesses an integrated set of applications which allow their social media team to publish, engage and learn more about their content, community and engagement on the social web. GizaPage is listed among the Top 100 web apps by PC Magazine and has been given the advantage and trust to execute their solution for some of India’s best consumer brands like fastrack, Kingfisher and Cafe Coffee Day etc..

Features of Gizapage

  1. All profiles, One URL: If the user maintains a personal brand or even a brand for a company having a presence across several social networks, the user can now point fans, followers, and customers to a particular domain name that he/she owns and one that doesn’t include the name of GizaPage anywhere in it.
  2. Gizacard: GizaCard displays the icons for all the social media profiles the user sets up along with his/her name or brand name. The card can be fixed on any site, blog, or online profile enabled with embeds. The entire social media lineup of the user loads within a new web page with just one click on the card.
  3. Stats and More: After employing all these features, the user can then take advantage of GizaPage’s newly launched statistics section containing page views, visits, and other useful stats helps the user determine the success of his/her various social media profiles across the web.

As a social network organizer, GizaPage offers its users integrated social hub, customized designs, hosted solutions, indexed social content and a strong platform that ensures that the user’s new upgrade can go live within days.

Download : gizapage


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