GetSimple CMS – XML based lite Content Management System

Getsimple CMS is a XML supported system for content management. It’s an effective platform with varied elements that the innovators have incorporated those that every websites require.

GetSimple XML CMS

Getsimple is an uncomplicated mechanism to support confined business structures. It doesn’t employ MySQL to resort data, rather prefers XML for its sharpness & motion. But, MySQL is a cryptic one.

Getsimple is considered to be best repository system for data in case of confined business. GUI gives importance to the usage system of the subscribers, providing “Undo” option therefore reducing the chance of mistake contained data.

In the wake of such display there is a dark side of CMS entity is feeble condition of IT budget, companies looking for inexpensive method to arrange the content.

Rarely, those companies working over huge network around five continents in twenty diverse tongues prefers simple CMS mechanism, but some still prefers it. In general they range between medium to small business houses.

Features of GetSimple CMS

  1. XML Based CMS – it doesn’t go for usage of MySQL for keeping storage of data, on the contrary prefers plainness of XML. By advocating XML it discards the possibilities of sluggishness and complicated applications of MySQL for database. As Getsimple is mainly established for mini business market, and it assures to be the finest one for data depot.
  2. “Undo” option availability- This system was set as an introduction to AListApart article demonstrating how cautionary messages by no means work as determined. Therefore the "undo" option is involved approximately in most of the activities you do on the site, giving you rest to your mind in case you end up making silly mistakes.
  3. Simple Learning UI -The first concern while planning our user-background was to form it in the most preferred and classic way. We enjoy the accessibility and applying all the challenging management mechanism before sketching ours, so we extracted the quality ones from each and has modified it.
  4. Easy Installation -The whole duration in anchoring a website the overall time requires 5 minutes, beginning with FTP till ordering the system.
  5. Simple Theme systemization – how to document application portrays you the method to compose a custom theme. Aim is not to swell up the software with hundreds of tiny theme oriented applications, instead to deliver plenty to serve for a complete customized theme.
  6. Established for the Small-Site Market -This is a major cause GetSimple utilizes XML instead of sturdy database like MySQL. Mainly for small businesses, the basic requirement is to immediately upgrade their site without the employment of complicated numbers of elements. GetSimple’s aims to plan mini websites with efficiently & competently.

Getsimple is undoubtedly an effective content management system. It is not complicated like the MySQL one. And delivers easy way of operation with varied features for making it user friendly.

And Getsimple reduces chances of mistakes. It’s mainly established for small business sites as they don’t go for complicated system. All they need is direct & immediate up gradation of their site.

Download : GetSimple


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