Fuze Meeting – web conferencing and online meeting software for Mac

In today’s busy world web conferencing apps are of a great demand in the market. Fuze meeting is one such versatile web conferencing app that suffices the requirements of its clientele.


One very advantageous feature of Fuze Meeting is used from any hand held devices too. Apart from providing all the significant features that most of the other web conferencing apps provide, it also connects you with many of the common IM networks.

It has the ability of sharing video in HD quality to impress your clients or the participants in your web conferencing. The web page of the Fuze Meeting is attractive enough to draw in customers.


The application also has a stylish user interface and you will definitely love it in your iPhone or your Blackberry.

Leaving apart the attractiveness of the app, Fuze Meeting also has several incorporated tools that would help you to work on your web conferences with extreme ease.

The aspect of Desktop sharing is also simple and the host would have the ability of switching amongst presenters to allow the participants to share desktops too.

Now if you wish to upload any presentation file or any handouts prior to your conference, you can do that too. The streaming is also very fast and the most significant aspect is it shares only HD content.

Your participants would be impressed by the clarity of your content. In the other hand Fuze Meeting does not have the option of VOIP but has the option of teleconferencing which the participants can utilize.

Prior invitation can also be sent to inform the participants regarding the date and time of the conferencing meets.

This feature would also allow you to maintain the timeliness of the conferences and save much of the wasted times. You can import all the contacts from your different IM networks in minutes.

Blackberry and iPhone does have the compatibility of using the Fuze Meting app. This application unlike the other apps would not be eating much of your mobile memory space and it can even run on low cellular memories too.

Features of Fuze Meeting

  1. Web conferencing app which concentrates on High Definition quality and a simple user interface.
  2. Collaborate your computer with conference participants.
  3. Multi-Party HD Video Conferencing, redefines visual collaboration
  4. Provides admission to all of your IM associates on various IM networks
  5. Participants won’t be requiring downloading anything
  6. Incorporates with MS Outlook to compose sending requests easy
  7. SSL Session Encryption for all web and mobile clients
  8. SAS70 Type II Audited Data Storage
  9. You will have the ability of hosting and conferences or even joining them via your Blackberry or iPhone
  10. Keep up to date your Online Meeting Resources like White Papers.
  11. Make Web conference on your Smartphone like iPhone, Blackberry Or whatever Wi-Fi-enabled or 3G device.
  12. Security and Reliability
  13. Demand Billing and Subscription Management systems meet PCI DSS, Level 1 PCI compliance.
  14. Unique, random, unpublished URLs for each meeting instance
  15. Secure your phone conferences via Fuze In
  16. Permission based experience – host, presenter, attendee.
  17. Screen Sharing with Remote Desktop Control

With such an array of effective features, Fuze Meeting is a highly efficient video conferencing app.

It would surely be providing you much effectual results in your organizational conferences.

it would save much of your precious time and the money tag along with this app is also very much affordable.

Download : Fuze Meeting Web conferencing


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