frevvo – Ajax-based E-form builder

We are quite accustomed with the term electronic forms or more popularly known as e-forms. Another important term which has been quite popular in the market is workflows. Frevvo is one of the leading contributors of these e-forms or the electronic forms and the workflows.

frevvo - Ajax-based E-form builder

Frevvo provides the feature of utilizing E-forms that too in the online basis. Utilizing this feature you can easily make new online forms or the web forms.

These forms can be used for survey purposes and also it can serve different event management organization for the registration forms. E- Form too supports facilities like business rules, custom validation and also XML form for different business applications.

You can also create different forms for admission purposes or other registration purposes. The E-forms feature will also allow you to create different workflows without any requirement of programming.

You will also have the ability to make any approval workflow. The different workflows that you can create are timesheet approval workflow, expense and report workflow and also different patient or customer referral workflows. You will also have the ability to make confluence workflows that help you a lot to heighten up organization.

Frevvo’s E- Forms helps you to make your work extremely easy, speedy and also very economical. You can create all your forms as per your requirements with utmost sophistication to suit your needs. You can easily differentiate between the handmade forms and the e-forms to increase your productivity and also heighten your effectiveness.

E- forms also provide a neutral platform. It has the in-house version and also the hosted version which is absolutely hassle free to install and also really easy to use. It also takes care of the aspect that it matches co-ordinates with your existing system and also your pre-entered data.

It is also highly economical. You won’t have to pay any hefty amounts or any distinct user fees. All you have to do is pay a small amount for the license or pay a meager monthly amount that will allow you to use this application from the Intranet as well as the Extranet.

Thus if you try to utilize this application for creating your forms and all, you can not only save enough amounts but also save much of your precious time.

Features of Frevvo

  1. Forms :
    • frevvo Live form is a 100% browser based Electronic forms.
    • Easy to use drag and drop control to create forms
    • Ajax based forms to provide rich user experience.
    • Follow all web standard ( XHTML, CSS, JavaScript)
    • Easy to auto generate forms from XML schema.
    • Sophisticated layouts – collapsible sections, tabbed views, multi-column layouts.
    • SaaS(hosted), In-house & Confluence e-forms versions
    • Computerized data validation system
    • Developed forms can be opened in any browser
    • in-built captcha support
    • Easy to Save/Load partially-filled forms
    • It is free from the per user fees (license fees)
  2. Workflows
    • Conditional Navigation
    • Simple drag and drop features to create workflows, no coding knowledge required.
    • Flow navigation using user ids or roles
    • Conditional navigation
    • Easy to view and complete pending tasks via Task Lists
    • In-built email notification system
    • Support for Multi page Forms
    • Templatized (dynamic) labels/hint/help
  3. Data Integration
    • View Online submission, also easy to add view to any sites
    • Easy to download your form data in Microsoft Excel format.
    • Generate PDF/TIF/JPG/PNG snapshots when submitting form
    • Easy to save form submission to document management system, Google Apps, Google Spreadsheet
    • Initialize forms using URL parameters.
    • Initialize forms from XML documents
  4. Security
    • Use secure 128-bit encrypted connection to view and submit your forms and also use for access your account
    • support for custom security manager
    • Active Directory, LDAP integrated
    • support for digital signature
    • Control your Access to database using API keys
  5. Customization
    • Customizable Themes
    • Custom palette for reuse controls and group of controls
    • Easy to use publish forms and controls as templates for sharing purpose.
    • Provide support for redirection URL

It is needless to mention that all these modern feature would surely prove to be much effectual when you use it to develop e-forms or workflows.

Download : frevvo – Ajax-based E-form builder


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