15 Best Free Backup Software for Windows and Linux

Backing up your computer is important for keeping your information safe and secure. This article will show you how to back up your computer using free software.

Here is a 15 functional Best Free Backup Software that gives complete backup solutions to your files, data, database, system, and server.

Free Backup Software for windows and Linux

FBackup – windows backup software

FBackup Free Backup software for Windows, Mac, and Linux - Best Of

FBackup is a free Backup Software for personal and business use that backs up all your important files and folders to your external or native hard drives. With FBackup, you can create many backup copies and schedule them to run routinely at a given time.

All backup copies saved in zip format also help you backup all files and folders, even if they are locked or used, using Windows Shadow Copy features.


Areca Backup – Personal Backup software

Areca Backup Free Backup software for Windows, Mac, and Linux - Best Of

Areca Backup is a simple, easy-to-use, free personal backup software that lets you choose a set of files or folders to back up. In addition, you can select the place and methods to store your backup files, such as a simple file copy or a zip file format.

It is easy to work with archives and files, browse, and monitor different versions of specific data, recover and view particular files, and merge a set of libraries.

Areca Backup

Amanda Network Backup

Amanda Network Backup

Amanda is known as the “Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver.” It is a network backup and recovery software that allows you to set up a single master backup server to back up multiple hosts over the network. Now you can monitor disks, optical media, or cloud-based storage systems.


BackupPC – PC Backup Software

BackupPC Free Backup software for Windows, Mac, and Linux - Best Of

BackupPC is a Perl-based system backup tool with a web-based frontend for Linux and windows. It lets you completely back up Linux and Windows-based systems into a server’s disk.


  1. File Level de-duplication
  2. Inbuilt Compression Scheme
  3. Synthetic Backups to reduce network traffic



Bacula Free Backup software for Windows, Mac, and Linux - Best Of

Bacula is an Open Source, enterprise-grade network backup and restore solution to manage backup, recovery, and verification of backup data across a network of computers of different kinds. It’s an ideal network backup tool for Linux, Unix, Mac, and Windows. – Bacula Network Backup

Box Backup

Box Backup Free Backup software for Windows, Mac, and Linux - Best Of

Box Backup is an open-source, fully automatic backup software that backup all data on the server in files on a file system, so the need to use any particular device, archive, or tape is required.


  1. All backed-up data save on the server in files on a filesystem.
  2. All data is encrypted.
  3. The old version of files is saved as changes from the current version.
  4. Choice of backup behavior, optimized for document or server backup
  5. It is designed to be easy and cheap to run a server.
  6. Portable

Box Backup

Cobian Backup – free backup software for windows

Cobian Backup Free Backup software for Windows, Mac, and Linux - Best Of

Cobian Backup is a free window backup software written in Delphi language.


  1. Support for FTP
  2. Unicode
  3. Compression
  4. Encryption
  5. incremental
  6. differential backup
  7. Easy to configure and schedule regular backup routines.

Cobian Backup

Comodo Backup – best free backup software

Comodo Backup Free Backup software for Windows, Mac, and Linux - Best Of

Comodo Backup is a powerful yet easy-to-use, free data backup software to create an instant backup for your data in various storage media to protect your data against damage or loss. It has a simple, easy-to-use task-oriented user interface that helps novice users easily take backups. – Comodo Backup.

Create Synchronicity

Create Synchronicity Free Backup software for Windows, Mac, and Linux - Best Of

Create Synchronicity is a powerful yet lightweight open-source backup and synchronization tool that can help you protect your files and keep your data up to date. Available in multiple foreign languages.


  1. Create Synchronicity has an easy and intuitive interface.
  2. Configuring a backup is easy and fast.
  3. Scheduling makes it easy.
  4. Let’s select what you want to back up.
  5. You can refine your selection based on file types or using regular expressions.
  6. Readable and detailed logs after every synchronization
  7. You can refine your selection based on file types or using regular expressions.
  8. Quickly generates readable and detailed logs after every synchronization.

Create Synchronicity

Duplicati – open source backup software

Duplicati Free Backup software for Windows, Mac, and Linux - Best Of

Duplicati is a free, open-source backup software that securely saves encrypted, incremental, and compressed backups on cloud storage services and remote file servers.

It works with many cloud hosting services, such as Amazon S3, Backblaze (B2), Box, Dropbox, FTP, Google Cloud, Google Drive, and many more! In addition, Duplicati is licensed under LGPL and available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


  1. AES-256 encryption to secure all your data before it is uploaded.
  2. Uploads a full backup and stores more minor, incremental updates afterward to save bandwidth and storage space.
  3. A scheduler keeps backups up-to-date automatically.
  4. Encrypted backup files are transferred to FTP, Cloudfiles, WebDAV, SSH (SFTP), Amazon S3, etc.
  5. Allows backups of folders, document types
  6. Easy to use UI and a command-line tool.
  7. Filters, deletion rules, transfer, and bandwidth options


Partimage – open source backup software

Partimage Free Backup software for Windows, Mac, and Linux - Best Of

Partimage is open-source disk backup software. It saves partitions having a supported filesystem on a sector basis to an image file. Though it runs under Linux, Windows and most Linux file systems are supported.

The image file could be compressed to save lots of disk space and transfer time and could be split into multiple files to be copied to CDs or DVDs.

Partitions could be saved throughout the community using the partimage community to help or utilizing Samba / NFS (Network File Systems). In addition, it gives the flexibility to carry out a tough disk partition recovery after a disk crash.


  1. Real only data
  2. Multi files Sync
  3. Backup media can be a file on another partition on the same disk, another local disk, or a network-attached file.
  4. Quick & Simple Restore
  5. Files deleted at the backup time are not on another media that needs to be restored, causing deleted files to be resurrected.


QtdSync – opensource windows backup software

QtdSync is a powerful yet straightforward portable backup tool for windows. The software backed your local and remote data into the differential and synchronization modes.


  1. User can also schedule their backup by date and time on the drive plugin
  2. support for command line and Folder binding for specific drives
  3. Easy configuration of multiple virtual directories
  4. Drag and drop
  5. user account management
  6. easy to sync multiple files at a time.
  7. Fast & Simple Restore
  8. No recovery of deleted files


Redo Backup and Recovery

Redo Backup and Recovery Free Backup software for Windows, Mac, and Linux - Best Of

Redo Backup and Recovery is a simple portal backup and recovery tool that backs up all your documents and settings and restores them to the exact place where they captured the last screenshot.

Backup and restore an entire system in minutes with a point-and-click interface anyone can use. In addition, it is a Live CD, so it doesn’t matter which operating system you have (Windows or Linux).


  1. A simple user interface for beginners.
  2. Write the image disk to CD or USB stick.
  3. Automatically finds shared folders on your network.
  4. Extra tools for managing drives and partitions
  5. Web browser for downloading drivers, reading the documentation
  6. File Explorer for copying and editing files even when the system won’t boot
  7. Based on Debian and partclone.
  8. partition editing
  9. Runs from live CD/USB
  10. no installation is needed.

Redo Backup and Recovery

Get Backup – free backup software for Mac

Get Backup Free Backup software for Windows, Mac, and Linux - Best Of

Get Backup is a free backup software for Mac that combines various backup features like disk cloning, scheduling, compressing, and helping you restore the existing backup on any computer without using Get Backup.

It also offers tools that automatically sync the files and folders in two locations, so your computers are always up-to-date.


  1. Advanced Mac Backup Software
  2. backup, archive, disk cloning, and folder sync software for Mac
  3. create bootable and encrypted backups
  4. Synchronize files and folders on your Mac with another computer or mounted drive using the sync features.
  5. Analyze functionality allows us to define which files or folders are synced quickly.
  6. Choose between full or incremental backup archives and encrypt them using AES-128, AES-256, Blowfish, or Triple DES.
  7. Bootable Backups via Cloning
  8. Stealth Mode for Scheduled Backups
  9. Easily add data from iTunes, Photos, Mail, Contacts, and Documents folders.
  10. Restore files to their original place or a location of your choice.
  11. Template for Apple Photos, Mail, iTunes, Contacts, and the documents folders.
  12. Exclude selected files and folders from a project list.
  13. Exclude files from the backup/sync by name and file type.

Get Backup

AceBackup – free backup software


AceBackup is a powerful freeware tool for creating completely secure data backups. Store your data on any local storage device, on CD, DVD, or on your remote FTP server.


  1. Create a new AceBackup project.
  2. Select the files and folders you wish to back up.
  3. Define security settings.
  4. Define the target of backup.
  5. Store your data on any local storage device.
  6. AceBackup has five different encryption algorithms to protect your data against unauthorized access.
  7. Remote FTP backups
  8. Enter the Scheduler’s desired dates, and the program backs up your data at the dates and times selected.
  9. You can back up files without compression.
  10. Apply filter to exclude defined filename extensions. 
  11. AceBackup supports several versions of stored and restored files. It enables you to store and convert a file into several versions.



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