FormEntry for Mac – create form apps for your team

FormEntry for Mac 2 allows you to create great looking simple form based application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Through Form Entry you can develop software even if you are not a professional software developer. It contains all the essential tools that you require to develop productive applications which are easy on the eye at the same time.

FormEntry for Mac 2

It has user-friendly interface that contains the conventional navigation tools that makes it easy to use. Form entry makes use of the ecosystem of Macs, iPhones, and iPads to instill life into your application software’s. It allows you to fabricate productive and beautiful applications essentially for Mac, iPhone and iPod touch.

The display feature of Form Entry is in the form of tree view. From the tree you can drag and drop components and coalesce with your application software. You are also facilitated with a preview of your form in real time in landscape as well as portrait modes. Form Entry also consists of aboriginal iPhone and iPad tools making utilization of which you can bring into existence productive apps.

It comes with Section Controls that allows you to segment your form into logical sections by incorporating the iPhone tab bar. You can synchronize your form with other iPhones or iPods without the use of any wires or leads through wireless network if they are in your Wi-Fi zone. These utility is perfect for classrooms, offices and homes.

If you send any documents or cards to an iPhone it will be alerted instantly. Form Entry admits you to update an iPhone or iPad whenever you connect with them through Wi-Fi. It has incorporated various icons such as section icons, document icons which assure better navigability. You can also keep a provision for signature controls. With signature controls you can sign any document with a single click. You just need to swipe you signature at the input area.

Features of Form Entry

Form Entry has astounding features that allows you to build a one of a kind application software. The following features are given as follows-

  1. You can simply drag and drop controls from the tree view display of the components provided by Form Entry. You can update the parameters by connecting with the iPhones and iPads that are in your Wi-Fi zone.
  2. You can exchange documents and info’s with iPhones and related devices without the use of any wires. Form Entry deploys Wi-Fi connectivity for sharing. Only requirement is that both should be on the same Wi-Fi network zone.
  3. It has integrated Form Entry server that hosts your documents and makes them shareable on the World Wide Web.
  4. You can easily send E-mail posts and HTML posts.
  5. You can send documents as JSON posts and in the form of PDFs as well.
  6. You can specify the time up till which your form will continue receiving input from the user through its “Time Expiration” feature.
  7. You can build a form that will expire as soon as the user is out of the Wi-Fi zone. This is taken care of by its “Location Expiration” feature.
  8. It has many other features like an on-off switch, checkmark, date and time etc..

By the use of Form Entry virtually any bone can build a productive and attractive software application. With its conventional navigation tools it’s navigation is cakewalk.

Download : FormEntry for Mac 2


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