Fishmemory – Create multi-level To-do lists

The most effective way of managing and scheduling of tasks is done through the use of . Several organizational tools are already contained by this system.

Fishmemory todo list

Functions of auto repetition can be set up by the users through the use of email reminders. Prioritization of tasks can be done properly on time and lists can be even organized into levels of multiple hierarchy.

Reviewing of reminders from mobile device as well as their computers is done via the special, protected RSS feed. FishMemory can even be shared with several other people as well.

Lists can be built by the users and they can be freely shared with friends or coworkers. It also allow you to print, cloned, or even exported as a .HTML file that enables its loading fast into a smart-phone.

Note features and tags can be also included so that makes it easy for users to use them as reference. FishMemory guarantees the ways to be on the top always without even losing the control of a schedule that is very busy.

2009 was the year in which FractualBit created FishMemory. Several features that are of great use are already built in this that enables professionals as well as individuals to be on the top always and stay at par with time.

Several updates have been made in this application that adds to the functionality of this application including hold and click capability while changing minute and hour times, ordering by drag and drop, listing of comments by public and many more.

The features offered by FishMemory are also available in many other applications of similar type. There is not really any completely unique or outstanding feature in FishMemory.

But it does not signify that the application is of no functionality or purpose. Tasks are completed on time and this feature has certainly helped many people.

The color scheme provided by the FishMemory is outstanding and it is blue in color with the accent of a playful clown fish in white and orange.

The “Fishmemory” concept aids in the addition of humor to this application (provided with a fish logo that is small in size).The tool provides great ease of use and helps in effective organization and maintaining commitment of each and every individual user.

Features of Fishmemory

  1. Email reminders can be set up by you so that you never miss any important date.
  2. A repeat function is added that completely ensures that reminders are never missed.
  3. Functional is build to do lists.
  4. Notes as well as tags can be added to be referenced later.
  5. Export, print or share to do lists. provides the easiest way for the organization of the people. It works equally well for the professionals as well as individuals. A basic service is provided by this application.

The current usage of this application is absolutely free that offers attractive choices to individual professionals to start looking for ways that may prove to be extremely economical for getting organized.

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