Fantastical – New calendar and event list App for Mac

Any event is created at a very quickly and easily with the aid of Fantastical and its really great fun to work with it.

Fantastical can be simply opened by clicking the icon present in the menu bar or by pressing the shortcut for customizable keyboard.

Fantastical for mac

The details of your event typed by you and then the return should be pressed and within a very short span of time the new event will appear in the calendar of yours.

The natural language of the Fantastical is not only very expressive but also intelligent that enables you to write the style of your own in any specific format.

Your event’s location will be automatically recognized by the Fantastical that will enable you to invite several people to the event of yours from the Address Book of your only.

The creator’s site is the source from where you can easily download Fantastical as a trial version for those people who want to use the product before purchasing.

The Fantastical can be even purchased from that site or even through the Store of Apple App. The method of installation is pretty straightforward as well as simple and a thorough guidance is provided to the users at each and every step of the setup process.

The calendar program that should be used by the user is determined by the Fantastical which will ask the user regarding the choice of the calendar program and it depends on which thing has been installed in the system of yours.

The program of Fantastical has been made very intuitive by the creators of it. It is very easily used by the advanced users as well as the novice users.

The several features that are included in the Fantastical are the capability to locate the specific entries in the past via the search bar of top right.

This feature also enables its users to know their personal as well as professional schedules.

Features of Fantastical

  1. A fascinating look for your events – The calendar as well as the event list enables you to easily plan as well as locate all the events of yours. Beautiful design and color-coding helps in your easy scheduling. Even you can impose the restriction on the number of events that are to be displayed by you that enables you to focus on some specific tasks. All the important details related to your event will be instantly shown to you just through a mere click.
  2. BYOC (bring your Own Calendar) – The calendar application that is your most favorite, Fantastical even works with that quite easily such as Entourage, iCal or Outlook. You are also free to use Yahoo or Google Calendar!
  3. CalDAV Sync : Easy to Sync with iCal, Just add your calendars to iCal and Fantastical will automatically sync your events, keeping them up-to-date.
  4. Automatic Alarms : It automatically add alarms to all your new Events and also easy to customize your alarm settings based on all-day events or timed events. You’ll never miss an important event again.
  5. Search : Instantly search your events, past, present and future.

The calendar program of Fantastical is really excellent and it resides on the menu bar of OS X.  It is intuitively designed and easily accessible.

The entry of event information is done easily with the aid of the engine of natural language.

Thus, these features mark the difference of Fantastical with the rest of its competitors in the market.

Download : Fantastical


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