13 Best Custom Facebook Fan page builder

Custom Facebook Fan page builder allows you to build beautiful Facebook business and Fan Pages by using a large variety of Tools and Facebook templates design.

it’s an ideal tool for people who don’t understand any programming and coding languages but want to promote their business on Facebook.

Some Facebook Fan page builder offers free services and some charge the minimal cost for designs and features they offered.

But still, you get so many useful applications that offer free service to create your own Facebook Fan Page. Here is 13 useful Facebook Fan page builder.


Pagemodo Best Custom Facebook Fan page builder

Pagemodo is a free Facebook page creator that allows the Facebook user to make their own custom Facebook Fan pages in minutes without learning any design or technical skills.

it has so many useful fully customizable professionally designed Facebook templates to enhance your Facebook Fan Page with custom Tab.

Also provide easy to use and easy to add features like slideshows, videos, contact forms, maps and powerful social media tools like fan coupons and “like” gates. – Pagemodo


fanbldr Facebook page builder

Fanbldr is a simple Facebook fan page builder. it has pre-build fan page components that you can use to play videos, show linkable banners, show your Twitter posts, and more.


fbtab is a Facebook tab generator that runs on Facebook. With fbtab User can customize their Facebook Page by adding their own content like text, images, embed YouTube videos, etc..

it has a simple User interface that contains a dashboard to give you all information about Pages and Tabs.

Manage all your Pages directly from one place which makes it easy for people who manage multiple pages. – Fbtab Shutdown their service 


tabfusion Custom Facebook Fan page builder

Tabfusion is a free Facebook Fan Page Tab creator that allows the user to create a custom Facebook Tab with almost any content or integrate other popular websites such as Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc..

it has a WYSIWYG HTML editor to design your own Tab without coding HTML directly. Tabfusion


Tabpress Best Custom Facebook Fan page builder

TabPress is a free Facebook tab creating an application that allows the user to create interactive iFrame based Facebook Page Tab by using simple coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many more.


TabSite Facebook Fan page builder

TabSite is a free Fan page customization platform that offers easy to use drag and build a system.

where user can easily Drag the widget on the Tab canvas and customize them as per the widget option and then instantly publish them on your Facebook Tab.

The Free version only offers 2 Tab per Fan Page and 2 webpages per main Tab. it also gives you 1MB free Space and unlimited numbers of likes. – TabSite


MotoFanPages Best Custom Facebook Fan page builder

MotoFanPages is a custom Facebook Fan page builder to make your Facebook page absolutely unique and truly impressive.

no need to learn any special skills, just install MotoFanPages on your Facebook Page and you will get a functional Flash website within your Facebook page.

it also very easy to edit your Facebook Fan page content by using Drag and drop objects. MotoFanPages allow the user to create an unlimited number of pages with a contact form, image gallery, RSS Feed, Google Maps, and many more. – MotoFanPages


ShortStack Best Custom Facebook Fan page builder

ShortStack is a free service to create any type of custom iframe-based creative Facebook tab for Business Page.

With ShortStack users can add their required images or videos, product listings, Twitter feeds, contact forms, visitor polls, and the RSS feeds to your Facebook Page Tab.

Add unlimited widgets per page per tab with ShortStack also control who can get access to your exclusive content.

Every ShortStack widget has the option to make them visible for fans, non-fans, or both! – ShortStack


Woobox Facebook Fan page builder

WooBox helps you to create your own static HTML custom Facebook Page Tab by using HTML, Images, or a URL of the site. Use your own tab icon or select one from the WooBox library. 

it has built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor which makes it easy for a non-technical user to create and make changes to your Facebook Page Tab without typing HTML. – Woobox

SplashLab Social

SplashLab Social Custom Facebook page builder

SplashLab Social is also known as SplashTab. A Custom Facebook Fan page builder and Tab Creator that offer an account landing page where user can manage all their Tab which now Active on your Facebook Fan Page.

it’s an ideal tool for people who are managing multiple pages with their multiple Tabs. A drag and drop user interface offers various Facebook page layout with pre-designed header and footer artwork.

so you can choose the header and footer and add your own custom image or text. – SplashLab Social


wildfire Custom Facebook Fan page builder

Wildfire is a custom Facebook Fan page builder that allows you to design your own beautiful Facebook Fan Page or Tab in minutes by using their extensive template gallery or build a page directly from scratch with easy to use design toolkit. – Wildfire Page Manager


appaddictive Custom Facebook page builder

Appaddictive is an integrated Social media platform for business that help you to publish your content, manage ad campaigns, Map your Pages, post messages and organize the contest, perform analytics to your Facebook Fan Page and all their social network profiles. – AppAddictive


faceitpages Custom Facebook page builder

faceitpages is a free Do-it-yourself Facebook Fan page builder and business page creator that allow you to create great-looking, cost-effective, lead generating landing Tab for your Facebook Business Pages.

With Faceitpages users can add so many useful applications to their Facebook Fan Page such as social network & website links, Twitter & WordPress feeds, Scribd, Slideshare, and more than 20 other Facebook applications. – FaceItPages


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