10 Best Evernote Alternative App for Linux

If you are a control freak by nature and want to plan out things beforehand, then you have probably heard about the Evernote.

EverNote is a suite of software specially designed for notetaking and archiving any Notes that makes your life more manageable and helps you in collecting necessary details without any chaos.

Evernote Alternative for Linux

Using Evernote you can maintain a check on your financial matters, while also taking care of your everyday plans and agendas.

Now there are some new apps in the market that are just as good as Evernote and in some cases even better.

So today we are bringing for you the best Evernote alternatives app for Linux.

  1. Red Notebook

    Red Notebook comes with an inbuilt calendar and enables calendar navigation as well.

    You can include customizable templates, word clouds as well as extended functionality in your device.

    Apart from just making entries in this app, you can also tag entries, search for them and format you entries in bold, italic and underline as well.

    This is absolutely free software that is being provided under GPL. Spell check can also be carried out on your Linux operating system using this app.

    Moreover, you can also create a backup for your entries by using the ZIP archive.

    There is no need for any database and documents are saved in the simplest formats. – RedNotebook

  2. Tomboy – Evernote Alternative App for Linux

    Tomboy is known as a simple note taking app for various operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and UNIX.

    This app is very user friendly and can be effectively used for taking notes related to your daily tasks and activities.

    Using this app, you can highlight text, change the font size of your notes, create bulleted lists, undo or redo operations; carry out spell checks as well as auto link your notes with related email addresses and websites on the internet. – Tomboy

  3. Zim Desktop Wiki

    Zim Desktop Wiki used to maintain a collection of web pages in the form of wiki.

    It is basically a graphical text editor that enables you to link your pages with other pages.

    Apart from this, you can also format your notes with the help of images and graphics.

    All the notes created by you are saved in the simplest form using this app.

    There are also a set of plug-in that offer additional functionality in the form of a tray icon, task manager, and supports the control of the version as well.

    While using this app, you can also take notes during lectures or meetings. – Zim Desktop Wiki

  4. Basket Note Pads – Best Alternative for Evernote

    Basket Notepad is a multipurpose note taking application. This app is appropriate for taking all sorts of notes.

    You can collect results of any research that you are undertaking and share them with others.

    Centralizing your project data and reusing it at a later stage is also possible while using it.

    This app offers a smart way of keeping a record of all the data and information around you. – BasKet Note Pads

  5. Nixnote – Evernote Alternative App for Linux

    Nix Note is an perfect open source alternative apps for Evernote. This app can be run on various operating systems such as Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X.

    easy to Synchronizes with Evernote servers and local data caching – NixNote

  6. Zotero – Evernote Alternative

    The Zotero app allows you to get to your research with just a single click.

    It can also be seen as a research tool that automatically senses interesting web pages in your browser and thus indicates you.

    You can then add this web page into your library with just a single click.

    Apart from this, it collects all your research work in a single user friendly interface and allows you to add graphics, images, audio and video into your notes and research work. – Zotero

  7. Wikid Pad – Wiki like Alternative App for Evernote

    Wikid Pad is a wiki-like notebook in which you can put all your feelings, thoughts, ideas, contacts, to-do lists and almost anything which you want to maintain a record.

    This app cross links your information efficiently and also allows you to create quick links for your notes.

    The management of personal information also becomes easy with the help of easy to read notes, folders, documents, and files. This is a storage area for all your information.


  8. Nvpy – Evernote Alternative App for Linux

    Nvpy is yet another simple note-taking application that provides a cross-platform but is kind of ugly in structure.

    This app can be successfully run on various operating systems such as Linux, UNIX, Windows, as well as Mac OS X.

    This app does not come with any surety of reliability and there may be a loss of all your information under certain severe conditions.

    But all through, it is a reliable app when used for simple purposes after proper installation on your desktop. – nvpy

  9. GeeTeeDee – Evernote alternative App

    GeeTeeDee is a note-taking app comes with a lightweight design which helps in keeping you focused at all times.

    You can create groups for a variety of tasks and also customize them. The installation of this app is very easy and there is no need for any authorization from the administrator.

    You can also create timed tasks in a compact view. Drag and drop operations are also feasible when it comes to organizing your notes and documents. GeeTeeDee

  10. Osmo – Alternative App for Evernote

    Osmo works as your organizer app which includes a variety of inbuilt facilities like calendar, note modules, task manager as well as the address book.

    It is easy to use and small in size. Apart from this, it allows you to carry out all operations using the keyboard.

    The best part is that the configuration of this app is expandable depending on the user’s needs.

    This is one of the best apps for managing your personal information and perfect alternative app for Evernote. – Osmo

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