7 Best Event Planning Apps for Android

Event apps make us more efficient in our event planning jobs. Here are a 7 Best Event Planning Apps for Android

Super Planner for Android

Super Planner for Android

Super Planner is one of the best event planning and business apps for android. Specially designed for professional event planners.

it gives you a wide variety of planning tools including a calculator for venue capacity, staffing, catering, staging, projection, and dance floor, as well as useful tips in several areas. – Super Planner – Event Planning

Event Planning Tools for Android

Event Planning Tools for Android

Event Planning Tools is an Android app for event planning that offers 2 different types of calculator one is Meeting space calculator which helps you to decide how many people can adjust to a particular space or how much space you’ll need for a particular venue.

Choose which meeting space layout you want by using Meeting space calculator of Event Planning Tools and another one Event budget calculator that easily manage the number of attendees and include all the expenses you expect to have, the app will calculate your cost per attendee. – Event Planning Tools

Day by Day Event Planning Apps

Day by Day Event Planning Apps

Plan your life with Day by Day Android Apps. it’s an Event planning Apps specially designed to add the Calendar, Tasks, and Google services as all-in-one Android applications.

With these apps users can instantly plan their future schedules and all schedules are easily available for all your phones and tablets connected to the Internet. – Day by Day (beta)

Event Tracker for Android

Event Tracker

Event Tracker is a simple Android application that will handle all your daily events and make event creation more simple, just create an event, name it and give it a time delay – the rest will be Apps done for you. – Event Tracker

Event Planner PRO for Android

Event Planner PRO for Android

Event Planner PRO is an android app that included tips and checklists for successful planning of birthdays, weddings, press conferences, and major events.

Also useful for finding the location and advertising your event via relevant online-portals. – Event Planner PRO

My Event Tent – Android Event Planning App

My Event Tent - Event Management Apps

My Event Tent is android apps that calculate Tent Rental sizes for Wedding or Event Planning.

it’s a simple yet easy to use android apps for event planners to calculate the tent size you need for weddings, corporate events, and parties.  – My Event Tent

Grupio Event planner for Android

Grupio Event planner

Grupio is an Android-based event management app specially designed for conferences and trade shows.

it gives instant access to your Event Details, social networking and lives update from organizers, schedule, sessions, speakers, and exhibitors.. – Grupio


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