Enterprise Wizard – business process automation software solution

Enterprise Wizard is a strong business process automation and allows you a lot of flexibility. It is based on a flexible enterprise-class technology interface and it has many unique applications that enable you to perform your tasks in a more efficient fashion. It has applications ranging from software like enterprise Help Desk, CRM software and ITIL software.


Enterprise Wizard. Inc. is a leading manufacturer of flexible web-based management solutions to business process for organizations and businesses of all sizes. With a strong engineering background, the company focuses on designing and creating business process automation software for many companies worldwide. The applications created are cost effective and exceptionally useful in undertaking a great many numbers of tasks for the customers.

The company, founded in 1991, by Colin Earl has its headquarters in Silicon Valley and has offices in the US, Russia, New Zealand and partners from all over the world including Europe, South America and Asia. The software application designed by them was used as a help desk and customer support application that helped in management of assessments, time, projects and connectivity amongst parties involved.

As a customer, you must know that Enterprise Wizard has got everything that will help you manage your company’s problems. It makes your life simpler with its out of the box features that are designed to suit your comfort. Functions like : managing contracts, user guides, HR materials, knowledge base articles, or financial reports and dealing with customer support system helps your staff and yourself to have a well structured format being followed in the management of your company’s documents and undertakings.

The application’s easy-to-use visual work flow editor and potent business rule engine can automate and helps in streamlining your company’s most complicated processes. It works according to your commands and needs, without the use of any sort of encrypted codes.

You need either one of operating systems amongst : Linux, Macintosh, AIX, Solaris and Windows (XP,2000,NT,98,95 ME) for the working of this application and the software’s demo version is easily available on the company’s website. No extra charges are taken for each module and the programming language followed by the software is that of Java. Therefore, its easy to use.

Features of Enterprise Wizard

  1. Default templates for support, contacts management and sales.Choose what to hide and display as it suits your needs.
  2. The users of this application also get an External Customer Support.
  3. Document Management is made easy with this application
  4. Sales and Marketing Automation – makes it easy for companies to increase sales and marketing effectiveness and shorten the sales cycle.
  5. For any queries or help, customers can get a 24×7 help desk support.
  6. Contract and Vendor Management – managing the contracts and maintaining a record of the sale and production details.
  7. Workflow Management is a system that manages and defines a series of tasks within an organization, enabling to produce a final outcome. The application provides a workflow management support to its customers.
  8. Automatic end-user interface that supports self-registration, profile updating, chatting with your staff and submitting and tracking issues.
  9. A creating/editing/deleting record is quite easy with various in-built tools of this application.
  10. The application also provides field updates and script actions.

The software supports French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and English. The software is available in many pricing options. With the option of trying out the demo version, the customers get a clearer idea of how the software works and once you get registered, you are made aware of the various pricing options in which the product is available. This makes Enterprise Wizard an extremely reliable software when it comes to management of your company’s files and documents. While being available at such a cost effective range, the software looks after all the needs of your company.

Download : EnterpriseWizard


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