EasyWriter for iPhone – Boost Your email Productivity

EasyWriter is an simple IPhone Apps, which helps you to create email texts and messages effectively. With the wide keyboard application facility, you can easily create messages text in the landscape mode without any problem and send it to your recipients.


The wide keyboard enhances you to write messages text easily and more effectively. Apart from that, if you incase need to go away due to some problem, the application automatically saves your typed text message without any hassle. You can also reduce the text size by pinching the text written to smaller its size. On the other hand, you can zoom the text to look into it more clearly.

The application also supports the different symbol characters and the additional text formats. During an incoming call, you can easily receive it while working on the text message, as during the call your text message will automatically auto draft saved for further editing. Your text as a result remains safe and secure without losing it. The application can be effectively used in the different mobile models, which lets you write email messages effectively anywhere. You can use this application from anywhere through the mobile version.

EasyWriter is a useful application for people who need to send mails and information and are constantly on the move. If you are on the move regularly and you need to check important mails and messages on your mail id, you can easily get this application in your mobile and easily access your account and read as well as create email messages and send them to your recipient.

The application is dedicated to providing excellent service to you for your benefit. Through the text message, sending feature is still to be upgraded; the email messages can be effectively sent and received. You can also read and reply to messages. This email application feature is very easy to use. With simple steps, you can reply to your important mails without any hassle. You can also get support from the application site if incase you find any problem in using it.

Features of EasyWriter

  1. Simple and easy to use step by step guide features, you can easily read, create and send email messages.
  2. Easy In call save – during a call, your email message is saved automatically. Unlike other applications, you draft does not gets lost and information lost, it remains there saved for your further formatting.
  3. The application provides numerous features to make your email text creation effective and the experience of using this application beautiful.
  4. The keyboard feature is good for use as you can easily zoom in and out to reduce and increase the text of the email message. Apart from that, the keyboard widens up to vertical size so that you can easily type the text from there.

EasyWriter is undoubtedly a useful feature for creating emails and sending them across to your recipients from anywhere in the world just through your mobile.

Download : EasyWriter for iPhone


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