Easy Task Manager- GTD based ToDo / Task Management software

Easy Task Manager is a task management software. It maintains a todo list which helps you get tasks done easily. You have a clear idea of what are the jobs you need to get done with in order to make some advances in your project. You can group tasks according to projects or priority or context. You can divide your task according to how much you want to finish in a day. Easy Task Manager has handy features and you can start using it without much difficulty.

EasyTask Manager

Easy Task Manager helps you to keep track of tasks and you do not have to waste time figuring out what you need to do. It aids in clearing out clutter and increasing your productivity. You will be less stressed since all your work is already recorded. You do not miss out on appointments or deadlines because Easy Task Manager organizes every little task for you. Every task is done in a systematic manner. Easy Task Manager does not require you to know complicated programming. You can start right away with this software. It has an innovative and easy to use interface. Easy Task Manager uses the getting Things Done methodology to manage your tasks.

It allows multiple synchronization options. You can synchronize this software with iCal or Outlook. You can also link multiple computers. Easy Task Manager is compatible with operating systems like Mac and Windows. It requires Mac OS x 10.4 or Windows 2000. You can also access Easy Task Manager from your iPhone or Android phone. You can use the free demo. If you are satisfied with the services you can purchase it for $19.99. You will have to select your user platform before purchasing it. You can also upgrade your software using your browser.

Features of Easy Task Manager

  1. Versatile- You can run Easy Task Manager on Mac or Windows. Easy to manage your tasks using it from your smartphone device. There are special versions compatible with your iPhone and iPad. It can also be linked to other application like iCal and Outlook.
  2. Backup- Easy Task Manager maintains backup of your data through RSS feed. It keeps your data safe and secure.
  3. User Interface- The user interface of Easy Task Manager keeps you happy while working. You enjoy working on a happy looking user interface.
  4. Tracking tasks- You can set reminders and alarms for important tasks.
  5. A preview panel helps you visualize your whole project at a glance.
  6. The system wide Hot-key makes handling Easy Task Manager simple task. You do not have to remember intricate instructions in order to use this software.

Easy Task Manager is the ideal solution for effective task management. It handles every action efficiently. It reduces your workload and lets you breathe easy. You can rely on Easy Task Manager for getting your job done. It is sure to give you desired results.

Download : EasyTask Manager


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