6 Best Dropbox Text Editor for iPhone

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily on the web.

it’s become the universal cloud storage solution for any applications. Here is a 6 useful Dropbox Text Editor for iPhone and iPad.

All apps reviewed are universal and designed to be used both on the iPad and your smaller iOS device.

PlainText – Dropbox Text editing

PlainText - Dropbox Text editing

PlainText Dropbox Text Editors for iPhone

PlainText is a simple text editor for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with a simple, paper-like user interface that lets you create and organize your documents in folders, so you can easily sync your documents with your dropbox account. – PlainText

Features of Plaintext

  1. All your Documents organized in folders
  2. A paper-like user interface to keep the focus on your text.
  3. Sync all your files and folders with your Dropbox account means your documents are always up to date.

Elements For Dropbox

Elements For Dropbox

Elements For Dropbox Text Editors for iPhone

Elements is a beautifully designed, versatile text editor and Dropbox powered writing environment for iOS devices.

With Elements, User can view, edit and share plain text and Markdown documents on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and easily accessible from any devices. – Elements

Features of Elements For Dropbox

  1. Create, view and edit text files on your iOS devices
  2. Create, view, edit, and preview Markdown files.
  3. MultiMarkdown support
  4. Cloud-based storage of your data. (To your Dropbox account)
  5. Both automatic and manual syncing
  6. Easy to Print your Elements Files
  7. AutoSaving
  8. Offline support
  9. Multi-touch gestures for quick navigation between files and folders.
  10. Full-text search
  11. Support for Word, line, and character count
  12. A Scratchpad to flesh out ideas or store random bits of information
  13. Email files as an attachment
  14. Provide support for TextExpander touch
  15. support for Launch Center Pro

Nebulous Notes – Dropbox Text Editors for iPhone

Nebulous Notes Dropbox Text Editors for iPhone

Nebulous Notes Dropbox Text Editors for iPhone

Nebulous Notes is a powerful yet simple Plain text editor for note-takers, writers, and coders that also store all your text files to your Dropbox account for backup. – Nebulous Notes

Features of Nebulous Notes

  1. Open and edit all plain-text files (.txt, .md, .c, etc.) with Nebulous Notes
  2. Preview files in HTML, MarkDown, Rich Text-RTF
  3. Supports saving and opening in all file encodings
  4. VoiceOver hints
  5. Print all your documents and text files using AirPrint
  6. TextExpander support
  7. Save in Evernote
  8. Easy to Open files from ANY Dropbox folder
  9. Customizable themes
  10. Macrosystem also has basic text-substitutions for convenient HTML tags
  11. easy to Search Dropbox or Search for text with a document
  12. Full-screen support
  13. multi-line tabbing and un-tabbing
  14. One-click access to Scratch Pad and MarkDown preview

Droptext Text Editor for iPhone

Droptext - Dropbox Text Editors for iPhone

Droptext is a text editor for iPhone that lets you open, edit and save plain text files and syncs all your text files with your Dropbox account.

From Droptext you can quickly edit any text file from any folder in any of your Dropbox accounts. – Droptext

Notesy – Dropbox Text Editor for iPhone

Notesy for Dropbox

Notesy is a note-taking app for the iPhone. With Notesy, you can easily sync all you notes seamlessly over the air, to and from your Dropbox as plain text files. – Notesy

Features of Notesy for Dropbox

  1. Full offline support – Notesy will sync it all up for you later.
  2. No in-app advertising or purchases, and no monthly fees.
  3. Easily collaborate on notes with people you share your Dropbox with.
  4. Use it with Notational Velocity, Automator, AppleScript, Keyboard Maestro, and more.

Nocs – iPhone Text Editor for Dropbox

Nocs for Dropbox

Nocs for Dropbox Text Editors for iPhone

Yet another simple text editor for iPhone with Dropbox integration that lets you work with your documents on any iOS devices. – Nocs

Features of Nocs

  1. Dual Access – On Device & In the Cloud
  2. flexible sharing
  3. access any Dropbox folder
  4. Local file system
  5. work securely and offline
  6. Easy to move/copy files from/to Dropbox
  7. auto backup to iCloud (5 GB free)
  8. Clean “table of contents”-style listing, yet detail info is only a tap away
  9. Markdown files are shown formatted & styled
  10. Support for various types of documents and Files such as iWork: Numbers, Pages, Keynote, Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, RTF, pictures: PNG, JPEG, Movies: MOV, etc..
  11. Unicode: international characters ready
  12. Capable file manager
  13. nested folders: as structured as you want
  14. Inbox support: open files from other apps
  15. iTunes file sharing via USB or Wi-Fi
  16. Smart handling of filename extensions


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