10 Best Apps for Download Free Music on iPhone

As a music lover, you would be interested in downloading free music on your phone and listening to them whenever you want.

However, locating the best free music apps will be quite an overwhelming experience. That’s because you can discover numerous options out there in the app stores.

Here are the ten best apps that you can use to download free music on the iPhone.


Spotify - Download Free Music on iPhone

Spotify is a popular app that you can use to download free music on the iPhone. The free version comes with some limitations, but it is more than enough to get a decent music listening experience.

There is a massive library of songs available on Spotify. Hence, you can enjoy good music from all around the world while using this app.

You can easily search for an artist, track, or even an album and listen to it without spending any money out of this app.

You will also have the freedom to create your playlists on the Spotify app and share them with others.

iPhone App


SoundCloud - Download Free Music on iPhone

SoundCloud is another excellent app available for all people who wish to download free music on the iPhone.

It offers the most diverse music collection that you can grab. In other words, there are millions of soundtracks available on SoundCloud.

You will be able to listen to music regardless of your preferences while using the app. SoundCloud app will learn based on how you use it.

Hence, you can end up getting suggestions based on your listening habits.

iPhone App


tidal - Download Free Music on iPhone

Tidal is an app that has the potential to elevate the music listening experience that you can secure.

It is a great app available for all iPhone owners who wish to experience ad-free music. Enjoy the excellent music with master-quality and high fidelity out of this app.

As of now, you can discover more than 60 million audio tracks available on TIDAL. They include your favorite music tracks as well.

iPhone App

Google Play Music

google play music - Download Free Music on iPhone

Google Play Music is a default app that you can get with most Android devices. You can now get this app on your iPhone as well. It comes with a Google Search engine.

Therefore, you can receive a reliable music listening experience from the Google Play Music app. One of the most outstanding features you see in this app is getting smarter, along with time.

You can easily create playlists and subscribe to them through the Google Play Music app interface. Moreover, Google Play Music can help you to listen to music offline.

iPhone App


Deezer - Download Free Music on iPhone

Deezer is a great app that you can use to download free music to the iPhone. There are over 56 million songs and playlists available on Deezer.

They include some of the leading global hits as well. Deezer app will also provide you with the chance to get personalized recommendations.

You can organize your music tracks and manage them with ease while using the app. On top of the music, you can use Deezer to discover radio stations, podcasts, and audio channels.

iPhone App


Napster - download free music in iphone

Napster is an on-demand music streaming app that you can download to your mobile.

This app can help you download free music on your iPhone and experience a fascinating offline music playback experience.

You can easily create playlists that contain your favorite songs with the help of this app. Your music listening experience will never get distracted while using Napster.

That’s because this app can offer ad-free music listening to you.

iPhone App


Evermusic for iPhone

Evermusic is an exclusive offline music listening experience that you can get to your iPhone.

After installing the Evermusic app, you can customize the music listening experience you receive from this app.

That’s because it will provide you with the chance to get your hands on a bass booster, audio equalizer, and ID3 tags editor.

You can maintain a rich collection of music tracks out of the Evermusic app. This app is compatible with a large number of audio file formats as well.

iPhone App

Freegal music

Freegal music for iPhone

Freegal music will allow you to get yourself exposed to a public library of music tracks. You can discover more than 15 million music tracks in this marketplace.

Hence, it will provide all the support that you need to enjoy your favorite music tracks. Music tracks that belong to more than 200 different genres are available on Freegal Music as well.

You can proceed to receive an outstanding music discovery experience while you are using the Freegal Music app.

iPhone App


iHeartRadio for iPhone

iHeart Radio is an app that can help you to get connected to thousands of radio stations through your mobile phone.

Apart from radio stations, you can discover numerous music playlists and streaming capabilities offered out of the app.

You can easily use the app and enjoy listening to good music. There are local radio stations and live radio stations available through iHeart Radio.

You can easily get connected to the radio stations and enjoy them.

iPhone App


Tunein for iPhone

TuneIn Radio is an app that you can use to connect to live radio stations and enjoy the content.

It will provide you with the chance to connect to live radio stations that offer a variety of content, including music, news, and podcasts.

You can quickly get on-demand audio with the support provided out of TuneIn Radio as wen. There are dozens of music channels available for you to listen to via TuneIn Radio as well.

It will connect to those music channels and get the best possible experience. TuneIn Radio is a great app that you can use to listen to the newest music.

iPhone App

Using an iPhone doesn’t mean that you stay away from listening to good music. You need to download these apps, and they will provide you with the support necessary to enjoy good music.


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